Welcome to Blue Devil Days!!

Howdy fellow Blue Devils! (Or do we call ourselves Stouties? I think that’s something that should be in a hand-out.)

I want to welcome you to this blog. So welcome! Hopefully this will become a place where soon-to-be-Stouties, currently enrolled students, and alumni can all come to learn, reminisce, and enjoy the Blue Devil days of our lives!

I, along with a few of my fellow Take2 members, will be uploading a variety of different things, all related to your days at UW–Stout.

Here is a quick list of what kind of things you can expect to see:

Uncommon Commons Eats

Picture of amazing food.You know those crazy food blogs you see all over Pinterest? These posts will be something like that, but it will explain how to use Price Common’s and North Point Dining facilities to their utmost potential.

A Fresh Perspective


We will have a pair of freshman, Ryan Ballweber and Annalise Mark, sharing their first year experience. This will be a great place for incoming students to really get a feel for what they can expect when they come to Stout.

Stout Resources

We’ll give you the lowdown on all of the awesome (FREE) resources Stout has available for its students that you may not know about yet.

Lovely Local Locations

This is mostly my excuse to finally get out around Menomonie and see all of the sites there are to see. Trust me there are a bunch! I figured I might as well bring my camera along to inspire you to go and see the sites as well!

DIY Dorm Décor

These posts are going to be all about helping those Stouties still living in the dorms. We’re going to focus on making your dorms as beautiful and functional as possible, one DIY or gadget at a time.

Now, without further ado, I suppose I should introduce myself and my fellow writers here on Blue Devil Days!

Barbara YoungAnnalise Mark Ryan Ballweber


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