Uncommon Commons Eats: The Super Wrap

Barbara YoungI am about to impart some amazing words of wisdom. Are you ready UW-Stout? You may want to sit down because this is going to rock your world.

The topic? FOOD.

That’s right! Let’s start this semester off with a bang and get right into the beautifulness that is fine dining. At Merle M. Price Commons, aka the Commons.

School-made food is pretty good. There always is a good selection; you can get hamburgers, hot dogs (my personal favorite food) and pizza anytime you want. But there may come a time when you are ready for something new, something exciting, something you haven’t even dreamed was possible.

That something is here. I call them Super Wraps.

Picture of amazing food.

The Super Wrap is a simple, possibly healthy (depends on how you do it) and extremely versatile food available at the dining center the majority of the time. (I know, so specific.)

This food is pretty much common sense, but it’s the last step that really makes it special, in my opinion.

So here’s how ya’ make them:

Da Bread

First, go to the sandwich station and ask for a wrap. It’s big, green and perfect for shoving in a bunch of ingredients.

Picture of meats

Next, select your meat. You can do anything you want here; they have tons of options. I got turkey and ham for this wrap.

Now, they will ask you if you want cheese. You can say yes, you always have that option, but say no this once.

Picture of a dull wrap

Now you have a very boring wrap. Congrats! Let’s make it more exciting.

Vegetable Pictures

Head over to your salad bar and inspect the amazing array of vegetables. Those are definitely going in your wrap. You’ll want to experiment with this a ton. I’ll let one of the math majors figure out exactly how many options there are, but I bet it’s roughly a bunch.

For my wrap I chose spinach, shredded carrots, chopped onions, mushrooms, green peppers and tomato slices.

Make sure to look at the veggies over by the condiments, I find the tomatoes over there a lot better for sandwiches than the wedges with the salad supplies. (Also that’s where all the hot peppers are. YUM!)

Picture of delicious sauces and dressings

Now is the time to add the cheese. Take some of that amazing shredded cheese and heap it on your wrap. I chose mozzarella (also known as the white stuff to non-Wisconsinites.)

The last ingredient is sauce. You can choose from the salad dressings or the condiments; either way this is going to be yum. I went for the fat free ranch this time.

Picture of Pre-wrapped wrap

Now it’s all made! You would think this is the end, and it could be, if you want a cold sandwich. But if you want melted cheese, a crispy shell and sandwich juice that fills your mouth with explosions of flavors you’re going to fold up that wrap and head over to the sandwich presses.

Picture of sandwich presses

If you want to expedite this part of the procedure turn the press on before you start putting the vegetables in your wrap. That way a press will be hot and ready to go. I generally set it at 450 degrees.

The fold is important so follow the diagram below.

This is how you wrap

Place it in the press with the flap down so that it doesn’t pop open when you’re lowering the lid.

Nice and golden brown wrapEven more crisped wrap

I like to leave it in for five to 10 minutes. This is a good chance to get some side dishes and find a seat. The longer you let it cook, the more gooey the cheese and the juicier the vegetables.

Leave it in until the top is beginning to brown. If you want the outside extra crispy, crank up the heat for the last few minutes.


Be careful when you’re taking it out of the press because this is hot. You may want to let it cool for a bit, but you will need that time to prepare your mind for the amazing food you are about to eat.

It even fits in a to-go container!
It even fits in a to-go container!

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