A Fresh Perspective: Homecoming

BDDRyanSadly, I was not at UW-Stout for homecoming weekend because I was at a karate tournament. But, I was here until Friday afternoon. I still had an amazing experience.

I went to almost all of the events during the week with friends. I knew I was going home for the weekend so I wanted to make the week a fun time.

The most notable events would have to be the carnival, Chinese acrobats and the Stout’s Favorite Pizza taste testing.

The carnival on Monday could have had more activities, but what it had was enjoyable, such as the face painting and pie eating contest. It was who I went with that made it memorable.


The Chinese acrobats were amazing. The show had an incredible array of talents that blew everyone’s minds. The acrobats, in a weird way, made me very excited for the rest of the week.

The pizza taste testing was great because I love loud music and free food, so this was by far was my favorite event of the week. My friends and I were lucky enough to have the line right outside our dorm so we got right to the front and didn’t have to wait. After making a difference and voting for our pizza, my friends and I stayed and danced for the whole event.


If anyone didn’t have an enjoyable homecoming week, my advice is to get out and make it fun. The difference between my friends who had a boring week — they stayed in their dorm rooms — and the ones who had a fun week simply was getting out, taking part in the activities and trying to make it fun.

For any prospective freshmen who have stumbled upon this blog, I’ve learned that college life won’t be fun unless you try to make it fun.

Go Blue Devils!

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Some of my absolute favorite memories came during homecoming week at Mounds View High School. Now, here at UW-Stout, I can happily report that I have added to that list.

A Look Back at My Homecoming Week


I attended the Homecoming Kick Off event Monday night in the Memorial Student Center. I found myself mostly at the photo booth, where I could let my true colors shine by taking advantage of the wide selection of props. I found my favorite attire to be the hamburger hat, along with glasses that fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

(Mom, look! How come I didn’t wear this for my senior pictures?)



I geared up to film an episode of “Take2 the Streets,” featuring construction of the Soapbox Derby cars. This was my first time filming this special segment so it had its challenges, but overall it was fun talking with the different teams and listening to their quirky responses.

I also headed down to Wilson and 2nd to see the main event, of course. For those who successfully made it to the bottom of the hill without crashing, I applaud you. As for those who took some nasty tumbles, ouch. If it was me out there I would’ve wrapped my entire body in bubble wrap for sure.


Wednesday, Thursday

I didn’t get the chance to go catch the comedian on Wednesday night because of school work and dance practice, but I was able to make it up Thursday night at Stout’s Favorite Pizza event.


At first I was surprised how long the line was to get pizza, but then I realized the event description contained the word “free” in it, so it was a no-brainer at that point.

It was pretty chilly outside and there was a long wait, but there was so much energy trying to break through the brisk air with the DJ and various individuals dancing along to the music. My roommate and I stuck it out to sample some delicious pizza and then rushed back inside to get warm.

Friday, Saturday

Unfortunately, the loss of a fellow Mounds View Mustang classmate led me back to the Twin Cities on Friday night, so I wasn’t able to complete the week. My Facebook newsfeed was consumed with homecoming updates so I still got my fix.

Sigh. Can next year’s homecoming hurry up and get here already?

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