A Fresh Perspective: We the Kings

BDDAnnaliseSeeing the band We the Kings has been on my radar since my freshman year of high school when I first caught wind of the song “Check Yes Juliet.”

Since then I have become quite the fanatic, to say the least. I love their pop, rock sound that you can either get up and dance to or get up and rock out to.

Rewinding to just a few weeks before the concert, not only was I planning on jamming out to We the Kings from the front row but when I heard I would be interviewing the band members I was more than ecstatic.

November fifth arrived and it was such a crazy day. I first lent a hand to Blue Devil Productions during set-up earlier in the day and in-between classes. Then, I got to stand in during the We the Kings meet and greet, as well as at their sound check. It was a great time to let out some fan-girling before my interview with them.

The moment of anticipation finally arrived when We the Kings and their manager came strolling into the ballroom with open arms and hugs to go around for both myself and my camera guy for the night, Ryan Ballweber.


Oh my, they were such goofballs! I could not stop laughing!

We the Kings were incredibly friendly, and behind their wacky sense of hu2mor they have immense passion for what they do. It was humbling and impressive to listen to them speak on a serious note about their appreciation for those who helped them reach where they are now.

They love what they do and never take themselves too seriously, a simple model for how all of us should live life.

After the interview, I was able to reach my other goal of the night, which was to jam out from the front row.

Windsor Drive and Quietdrive were the lucky openers for the night. During Quietdrive, I was randomly chosen to join the band on stage and showcase my hidden talent for playing the tambourine during one of their songs.

Look mom — I fo3und my true calling.

Looking back at that night, I was so lucky. I was so fortunate to meet one of my favorite bands, push the limits of my comfort zone even more and find my true calling as a tambourine player.

I wouldn’t change any part of that night.

If I didn’t choose to go to UW-Stout, I would not have had such an unforgettable night. I am truly #StoutProud.


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