Lynda video archives are a helpful UW-Stout resource

It’s that time of year UW-Stout: The time we all take a nice, relaxing winter break. I’m sure a handful of people are taking the classes offered over Winterm, but let’s face it. Unless you have a job, this next month is going to be nothing but relaxing for most people. Except me. I always [...]


A look back at the semester

Final exams and final projects dragged on this past week for what seemed like forever. Everyone was essentially working up to the end of the week so they could finally go home for the holidays. Although it will be nice to have a break from school and be able to lounge around at home and [...]

Icy wonders of Devil’s Punch Bow

The Devil’s Punch Bowl. It’s nothing new to people who have been in Menomonie for any amount of time — after all, it’s prehistoric — but it remains an amazing sight. For anyone new to UW-Stout or considering going to see the natural wonder, it’s a must-see. You could go any time of year and [...]


How to survive your final exams

Finals week can be very stressful. You are swamped, tired, overworked. How can you do it all? I’ve been in college for two years now and have picked up some tricks that help stress levels stay low and help you survive. Here are some coping mechanisms I use to survive finals week, which is Dec. [...]