A look back at the semester

Annalise MarkFinal exams and final projects dragged on this past week for what seemed like forever.Fireside

Everyone was essentially working up to the end of the week so they could finally go home for the

Although it will be nice to have a break from school and be able to lounge around at home and eat Christmas cookies like they’re going out of style, I must admit that it will be strange not being on campus for a month. I had fallen into such a pattern, but now I have a month to readjust and renew the habits that I had at home.

Packing to go home wasn’t at all like it was packing to go home for Thanksgiving. This time around, it was quite the moving operation for some people. Many of us in my residence hall had more than one suitcase, and some people took their TVs with them.

It wasn’t much different for me, but I left the TV. I did take several bags filled with clothes and a heaping clothes basket with a few weeks’ worth of laundry for Mom to do.

Two trips to the car later, I was ready to depart.

This semester has officially ended, but already all I can think about is next semester!

Here’s a list of just some things I’m looking forward to when I come back to Menomonie for the second semester:

  • Continuing to work for University Communications as a “Take2” Action News Team memberTake2
  • Figuring out a schedule filled with new classes
  • Making new friends in my new classes
  • Continuing to make friends with the squirrels
  • Working for Blue Devil Productions
  • Playing ping pong whenever I want
  • Studying in the Fireside Café
  • Not having to make my own food
  • Being part of another semester of Dance Ensemble
  • Enjoying fun, new entertainment on campus like comedians, bands and moviesMockingbird Sun TNO
  • And so much more …

For returning students, what are you looking forward to? For alumni, what did you look forward to doing when you came back to campus?

Have a happy and safe holiday season, and if you aren’t taking Winterm classes have a great semester break.


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