Lynda video archives are a helpful UW-Stout resource

BDDBarbIt’s that time of year UW-Stout: The time we all take a nice, relaxing winter break.Lynda

I’m sure a handful of people are taking the classes offered over Winterm, but let’s face it. Unless you have a job, this next month is going to be nothing but relaxing for most people.

Except me. I always get a bit stir crazy over break. Too much TV does that to a person.

Luckily for me, however, I found the perfect solution to my boredom in the form of Lynda. is a Web video library full of computer program tutorials. The library boasts videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. It has information on almost any software imaginable or necessary for school.Lynda Screenshot

With categories from 3D + Animation to Web, students can either get ahead in school or just learn how to use all of the cool programs on our university-issued laptops.

So how do you get into the system? I was planning to give you a step-by-step process of how to find it, but it is so much easier to just type “Lynda” into the UW-Stout homepage search bar.

Lynda Screenshot2

A subscription to this site comes with student fees, so students and faculty sign in using their general UW-Stout user name and password.

The Lynda website isn’t just about software. You can use it to learn about graphic design basics like print production or learn about online marketing. There is a category for course topics that focuses on skills and a category for software that lets you look at how to use specific programs.Lynda Screenshot3

So, I don’t know about you guys but I’m really excited about all of these videos. I’ll probably end up going through a couple of dozen of these in the next few weeks.

Have a great break, UW-Stout!


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