We’re Back for Spring 2015

Annalise: Wait, who are these people? During the first semester there was always a vibe that I picked up when I saw people walking around campus. Just by looking at someone, I could tell they went to UW-Stout. I didn’t have to know their name, major or anything about them; they just carried the Stoutie vibe. [...]


Five signs you’re excited about the semester beginning 

You’ve seen everything on Buzzfeed twice and you’ve memorized the Netflix “Continue Playing” warning message. You’re terrified you’ve forgotten everything you learned last semester. This inevitably means going back through old papers you’ve written and trying to remember what you were talking about or why it got a good grade. No? That’s just me? You [...]

DECA at UW-Stout

On Saturday, Jan. 10, UW-Stout hosted the annual DECA District 1 Career Development Conference. More than 600 students from 16 regional high schools were decked out in business professional attire with shoes polished, game faces on and their “future CEO” mindset. DECA is an internationally renowned program that prepares students to be career-ready leaders and [...]

Five items I should have brought first semester

After processing things that could have gone smoother fall semester, I have compiled a list of various items that would have made the first months more efficient and effective. Fellow Blue Devil Days blogger Ryan Ballweber recently wrote about items he should have remembered first semester. Here’s my list: Vitamin C  I discovered this missing [...]

Don’t forget to bring these five things

After the first semester of the year, I realized — many, many times — that I forgot to bring several important things to college. Spring semester is a fresh start, with new schedules and assignments. This also means a new opportunity to pack three things I needed first semester and one that I’d recommend everyone [...]