We’re Back for Spring 2015

Annalise MarkBDDRyan


Wait, who are these people?

Selfie 2During the first semester there was always a vibe that I picked up when I saw people walking around campus. Just by looking at someone, I could tell they went to UW-Stout. I didn’t have to know their name, major or anything about them; they just carried the Stoutie vibe.

Now that my schedule is different, I’m running into people I’ve never seen before. Where did they come from? Where were they hiding all of this time? UW-Stout is a fairly large campus; you could see the same people a few times a day. But now it’s like I’m in a foreign land. On top of that, I’m finding myself in buildings I never knew existed.

 I made it back to UW-Stout right?


Stouties I’m home!

Snapchat-7507505544472770618I made many friends during the first semester and during the breakI really started to miss them. When I returned to campus I was so worried that everyone might have changed. Instead, when I moved back it felt like I’d never left.

We just picked up where we left off. Everyday when I walked campus I felt as if I was in this community. Still, when I’m walking to classes I get that feeling, the feeling of belonging, the feeling of being a part of a big family.

Even if I don’t know a person, they still smile when we pass each other. It’s as if I never left.

Man, it is good to be home!

Five signs you’re excited about the semester beginning 

Barbara Young

  1. You’ve seen everything on Buzzfeed twice and you’ve memorized the Netflix “Continue Playing” warning message.

Photo 1

    1. You’re terrified you’ve forgotten everything you learned last semester. This inevitably means going back through old papers you’ve written and trying to remember what you were talking about or why it got a good grade. No? That’s just me?
    2. You don’t care that it’s freezing outside or that snow is the worst thing ever. You’d rather be outside than be stuck with your family for another minute. You love them, but seriously you can only play so many games of cards and rehear so many embarrassing stories.


  1. You started to miss the food options around campus. Home cooking will win every time, but when your mom only chooses from the same three recipes over and over again, you’re ready for some variety.
  1. You missed your college family. They aren’t your friends, they’re your family, OK? It doesn’t matter that you’ve only known them a few months or a few years; they are with you forever. End of discussion.


Have a great semester Stouties!

DECA at UW-Stout

Annalise Mark

On Saturday, Jan. 10, UW-Stout hosted the annual DECA District 1 Career Development Conference.Awards

More than 600 students from 16 regional high schools were decked out in business professional attire with shoes polished, game faces on and their “future CEO” mindset.

DECA is an internationally renowned program that prepares students to be career-ready leaders and nurtures skills that will help students flourish in an ever-changing, competitive job market.

This year is particularly special to the Wisconsin state DECA organization because it is celebrating 50 years of changing the lives of thousands of DECA members.

How does DECA work?

DECA is all about taking classroom curriculum that revolves around real-world business and

Prep Weekmarketing experiences. Then, students apply that knowledge to competitive events at a district, state and international level.

Although some events differ slightly from state to state, they generally involve the same career clusters. The clusters are hospitality and tourism; finance; business management and administration; and marketing.

I was lucky enough to help the MBEA – Marketing and Business Education Association students at UW-Stout – organize the week leading up to this big competition.

With about 660 students expected to compete (about 100 more than last year), my week involved a lot of paper cutting, folding and alphabetizing; also, stuffing folders, labeling nametags and preparing tests.

It was a long week, but the MBEA students and staff were on top of their game. It was extremely efficient and well-planned. The leadership I saw within the MBEA organization was extremely impressive.

It was so cool to see all of the chai rs stuffed into the Great Hall in the Memorial Student Center the night before the big event.

Great Hall Although DECA is a new term to most people I meet, it has been ingrained into my mind since my sophomore year of high school. I am proud to say I was part of the Mounds View DECA chapter in Minnesota. It is through DECA that I have grown the most and cultivated my love for how the business world works.

Through the help of my DECA adviser, John Duffy, the Mounds View DECA chapter, family, and friends, I worked my way to being an international finalist my senior year. To our knowledge, I was the first person in Mounds View DECA history to advance that far.

(Wow, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.)Medals and Tshirt

I was happy to help out with the DECA District 1 Career Development Conference because DECA has helped me flourish and build my career goals in so many ways; therefore, I will take any opportunity I have to give back to such a great organization.

Congratulations to all of those back home in the Twin Cities and to those who competed at UW-Stout.

For those who advanced, I wish you the best of the luck at the state Career Development Conference March 10-12 in Lake Geneva.

Five items I should have brought first semester

Annalise MarkAfter processing things that could have gone smoother fall semester, I have compiled a list of various items that would have made the first months more efficient and effective.

Fellow Blue Devil Days blogger Ryan Ballweber recently wrote about items he should have remembered first semester. Here’s my list:

Vitamin C Vitamin C

I discovered this missing aspect of my life within the first few weeks of being on campus because it was so easy to catch a virus. With second semester approaching in the heart of winter, I need to be more than prepared with lots of vitamin C.

Paper clipsPaperclips

Paper clips are such a small item, but I was always in need of one. My life feels more put-together and organized just by using one small paper clip. They basically change lives.

Winter Layers

I definitely did not prepare myself enough for the very brisk walks to classes. Next semester I will be unstoppable. The key is layers and not being afraid of looking like the Abominable Snowman.

USB Flash Drive

Once again, a USB flash drive is such a small and simple item, but it can make life much more efficient. Sometimes emailing all of your files can be tedious, and it might not always work if file sizes are too big. I grabbed one from home halfway through the semester, but I wish I would have done so at the beginning.

My Dog (I wish!)

DogEveryone who has a pet at home probably wishes they could have brought their furry friend with them to college. I definitely wanted to bring, Dexter, the family dog, but neither my family nor University Housing would have been very happy with that. I’m sure, however, he would have loved to explore UW-Stout.

Don’t forget to bring these five things

BDDRyanAfter the first semester of the year, I realized — many, many times — that I forgot to bring several important things to college.

Spring semester is a fresh start, with new schedules and assignments. This also means a new opportunity to pack three things I needed first semester and one that I’d recommend everyone pack.

1. Stapler stapler

One of the most common things I had to ask someone to use was a stapler. Such a simple thing, easy to forget, but needed.

2. Printer and ink

A printer is not a necessity, but it is very convenient. For those who have a printer, like me, don’t forget extra ink. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of printing an important paper and finding out you are out of ink.

3. Batteriesbatts

All the controllers, remotes and decorations that you may have use batteries. What happens when those run out? Make sure they don’t and bring extra batteries.

Last but not least is what I believe to be the most essential thing to help make sure you are prepared for the rest of the year.

4. Memorabilia from home

bearTo keep myself from missing home too much, I brought my pillow pet and a picture of my family. Something to hug or hold when you are feeling down is an amazing way to help you get through the rest of the year.

As winter break wraps up, make sure you start to think about the things you need for spring semester.

If you’ve gone home for the break, maybe you can even talk your parents into buying these items for you.

5. Stamps and envelopes

With all the technology around, it is easy to forget that you eventually will need to mail something. Whether it’s applications, personal letters, or absentee voting, some things still have to be mailed in.