Don’t forget to bring these five things

BDDRyanAfter the first semester of the year, I realized — many, many times — that I forgot to bring several important things to college.

Spring semester is a fresh start, with new schedules and assignments. This also means a new opportunity to pack three things I needed first semester and one that I’d recommend everyone pack.

1. Stapler stapler

One of the most common things I had to ask someone to use was a stapler. Such a simple thing, easy to forget, but needed.

2. Printer and ink

A printer is not a necessity, but it is very convenient. For those who have a printer, like me, don’t forget extra ink. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of printing an important paper and finding out you are out of ink.

3. Batteriesbatts

All the controllers, remotes and decorations that you may have use batteries. What happens when those run out? Make sure they don’t and bring extra batteries.

Last but not least is what I believe to be the most essential thing to help make sure you are prepared for the rest of the year.

4. Memorabilia from home

bearTo keep myself from missing home too much, I brought my pillow pet and a picture of my family. Something to hug or hold when you are feeling down is an amazing way to help you get through the rest of the year.

As winter break wraps up, make sure you start to think about the things you need for spring semester.

If you’ve gone home for the break, maybe you can even talk your parents into buying these items for you.

5. Stamps and envelopes

With all the technology around, it is easy to forget that you eventually will need to mail something. Whether it’s applications, personal letters, or absentee voting, some things still have to be mailed in.


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