Five items I should have brought first semester

Annalise MarkAfter processing things that could have gone smoother fall semester, I have compiled a list of various items that would have made the first months more efficient and effective.

Fellow Blue Devil Days blogger Ryan Ballweber recently wrote about items he should have remembered first semester. Here’s my list:

Vitamin C Vitamin C

I discovered this missing aspect of my life within the first few weeks of being on campus because it was so easy to catch a virus. With second semester approaching in the heart of winter, I need to be more than prepared with lots of vitamin C.

Paper clipsPaperclips

Paper clips are such a small item, but I was always in need of one. My life feels more put-together and organized just by using one small paper clip. They basically change lives.

Winter Layers

I definitely did not prepare myself enough for the very brisk walks to classes. Next semester I will be unstoppable. The key is layers and not being afraid of looking like the Abominable Snowman.

USB Flash Drive

Once again, a USB flash drive is such a small and simple item, but it can make life much more efficient. Sometimes emailing all of your files can be tedious, and it might not always work if file sizes are too big. I grabbed one from home halfway through the semester, but I wish I would have done so at the beginning.

My Dog (I wish!)

DogEveryone who has a pet at home probably wishes they could have brought their furry friend with them to college. I definitely wanted to bring, Dexter, the family dog, but neither my family nor University Housing would have been very happy with that. I’m sure, however, he would have loved to explore UW-Stout.


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