Five signs you’re excited about the semester beginning 

Barbara Young

  1. You’ve seen everything on Buzzfeed twice and you’ve memorized the Netflix “Continue Playing” warning message.

Photo 1

    1. You’re terrified you’ve forgotten everything you learned last semester. This inevitably means going back through old papers you’ve written and trying to remember what you were talking about or why it got a good grade. No? That’s just me?
    2. You don’t care that it’s freezing outside or that snow is the worst thing ever. You’d rather be outside than be stuck with your family for another minute. You love them, but seriously you can only play so many games of cards and rehear so many embarrassing stories.


  1. You started to miss the food options around campus. Home cooking will win every time, but when your mom only chooses from the same three recipes over and over again, you’re ready for some variety.
  1. You missed your college family. They aren’t your friends, they’re your family, OK? It doesn’t matter that you’ve only known them a few months or a few years; they are with you forever. End of discussion.


Have a great semester Stouties!


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