We’re Back for Spring 2015

Annalise MarkBDDRyan


Wait, who are these people?

Selfie 2During the first semester there was always a vibe that I picked up when I saw people walking around campus. Just by looking at someone, I could tell they went to UW-Stout. I didn’t have to know their name, major or anything about them; they just carried the Stoutie vibe.

Now that my schedule is different, I’m running into people I’ve never seen before. Where did they come from? Where were they hiding all of this time? UW-Stout is a fairly large campus; you could see the same people a few times a day. But now it’s like I’m in a foreign land. On top of that, I’m finding myself in buildings I never knew existed.

 I made it back to UW-Stout right?


Stouties I’m home!

Snapchat-7507505544472770618I made many friends during the first semester and during the breakI really started to miss them. When I returned to campus I was so worried that everyone might have changed. Instead, when I moved back it felt like I’d never left.

We just picked up where we left off. Everyday when I walked campus I felt as if I was in this community. Still, when I’m walking to classes I get that feeling, the feeling of belonging, the feeling of being a part of a big family.

Even if I don’t know a person, they still smile when we pass each other. It’s as if I never left.

Man, it is good to be home!


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