Admin Interview: The Provost would paint the MSC blue

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with UW-Stout's Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor Jacalyn Weissenburger. I learned a lot of things, including how she ended up at UW-Stout and what super power she would like to have. Q: How did you end up at UW-Stout? I think my family and I were in a good place for me [...]


A great experience at MBLGTACC

During Valentine's Day weekend, I experienced one of the most influential college conferences of my life, MBLGTACC. The letters stand for Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Ally College Conference. UW-Stout’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance offered the amazing opportunity to go to this conference at Illinois State University in Normal, Ill. Going to this conference, meeting the people and really absorbing the conference’s slogan, “Narrating a new normal,” [...]

P.O.N.G: UW-Stout’s Elegant Video Game Culture

Sometimes on campus you will hear murmurs of a student run group that goes by P.O.N.G. This group is one of my more favorite groups on campus and they do some pretty spectacular things. P.O.N.G. stands for Peoples Organization of Network Gaming, and the thing that they are most known for is their LAN (Local [...]

Faculty Interview: Scot Vaver Loves Koalas

When assigned the task of interviewing any faculty member I wanted, a half dozen professors popped into my head. UW-Stout has many phenomenal professors who are passionate about what they do. I chose to interview Scot Vaver. Scot works at UW-Stout in the College of Management. He is an academic advisor as well as an advisor for [...]

Live, from Menomonie, it’s Pete Davidson! SNL comic comes to town

“Saturday Night Live” has been on the air since 1975. In fact, the 40th anniversary show will be on NBC Sunday night, Feb. 15. Based in New York, SNL is best known for its hilarious comedy skits featuring A-list celebrity guests. On Tuesday, Feb. 10, Blue Devil Productions brought Saturday Night Live’s newest cast member, [...]