Admin Interview: The Provost would paint the MSC blue

BDDPhotosGRHThis week I had the pleasure of meeting with UW-Stout’s Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor Jacalyn Weissenburger. I learned a lot of things, including how she ended up at UW-Stout and what super power she would like to have.

Q: How did you end up at UW-Stout?

I think my family and I were in a good place for me to JW1take this opportunity. The kids were in school, and it was just a one-year teaching deal … But then I loved it!

Q: What’s the No. 1 thing you wish you could tell every student?

No. 1, go to class.

No. 2, get to know your professors. They’ll be your biggest allies.

No. 3, make the most of your experience here. Do what you can to extend your learning.

Q: If you could paint the Memorial Student Center one color, what would you choose?

Wow … bright blue. Perhaps with an ocean-blue color scheme.

Q: What are your favorite movies?

“Gone With The Wind,” “Cool Hand Luke,” and “Dumb & Dumber.”

Q: If I had to pick a super power, I would pick flying. What would you pick?

Flying is OK, buy I just want the ability to detect deceit and dishonesty in any person and be able to zap it out of them! It would save so much time.

Q: What’s the best thing that has happened to you at UW-Stout?

I received a call from a graduate student I had taught in my classes, and I helped with his thesis. It was wonderful to hear back from him about how his education and career were going and how I had influenced his choices. Knowing, generally, that you’ve had a positive impact on the lives of your students is the best feeling. And I’m sure there are students out there thinking, “Gosh, I remember the day I had that Dr. Weissenberger for class, I rue the day I took her class!” But those students don’t call me very much. Anyway, knowing, overall, that I’ve had a positive impact is wonderful.


A great experience at MBLGTACC

BDDRyanDuring Valentine’s Day weekend, I experienced one of the most influential college conferences of my life, MBLGTACC. The letters stand for Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Ally College Conference.

UW-Stout’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance offered the amazing opportunity to go to this conference at Illinois State University in Normal, Ill. Going to this conference, meeting the people and really absorbing the conference’s slogan, “Narrating a new normal,” made me realize that I am normal.

This said, I would like to say that I identify as a bisexual male (surprise!).

The conference had many fantastic workshop opportunities. I learned all about sign language within the gay community, horizontal policing and many more topics. Not only did I learn about subjects like gender and sexual identity, but I also experienced a ton of diversity, especially in the form of hair styles.

I also had the crazy-awesome opportunity to listen to Laverne Cox (“Orange is the New Black”) speak on transgender issues and her life.

On Saturday night there was an amazing drag show hosted by Rupaul Drag Races’ winner Bianca Del Rio. After the drag show was a huge dance.

Anyone who is an ally or is just interested should go to MBLGTACC.


I learned so much and had so much fun. I also made many new friendships, which I hope will last a lifetime.

I feel so blessed to be going to a university that has such an amazing LGBTQA resource center, The Qube, and an amazing, accepting community.

And never forget, “You are the only expert on you” – Robyn Ochs

Uncommon Commons Eats: Barburrito

BDDYoungHello Stouties. Here we go with a strange one. Fair warning: I didn’t know what I was doing before I made this, so I will be adding steps that are not pictured based on what I was thinking after I sampled the burrito.

Without further ado, meet the Green Barburrito, aptly named because of its color and vegetarian fixings.


Merle M. Price Commons has a wide array of foods available, so with just the right amount of tweaking you shouldn’t get bored with your food. Eating on campus should actually be an adventure. It was for me.

The Green Barburrito consists of food from three areas of the cafeteria: Broadway Deli, Tacos ‘N’ More and the salad bar.

First, go to the deli and request a spinach wrap. You can do the tomato-basil one too, but then it’s not green and that just sounds too boring for me.

Then, pick up a small bowl and ask for a side of refried beans from Tacos ‘N’ More.

The final main ingredient is rice. You’ll need to check the lunch menu on the Commons’ website before you make this to ensure they have rice at the carb station. Get about half of a small soup bowl of rice.

Grab some picante, salsa or taco sauce and pour it into your rice. Stir well. This will prevent the rice from being a weird exterior texture later on. Just trust me.


Now you have the three basics of the burrito. All you have to do is gather the vegetables, cheese and sauces.

I chose shredded lettuce, tomatoes slices, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers and diced onions.

ComponentsMy plate was full because I didn’t know how I was going to construct the burrito, but you can eliminate this problem by adding the ingredients straight onto the wrap.

Now you just have to load the burrito.


Spread on the beans and top them with the rice and cheese.


Load up your vegetables. Spread out the jalapenos. I repeat, spread out the jalapenos! Then wrap up the whole thing. I don’t technically know how to wrap a burrito, but I know how to do a wrap, so I used those skills on this.

Wrap Instructions copycropYou don’t need to put this in the Panini press. In fact, burritos don’t normally get a grilling, but I thought that, for the sake of my food not falling apart all over my new dress, I would give it a quick grill, just long enough to get the outer shell crispy.

And then you’re done. You have a UW-Stout Green Barburrito.


The taste is great. You may not even notice much difference between the spinach wrap and a flour tortilla.

DSC00104Give it a try and let me know what you think. Anything I should improve on for next time?


P.O.N.G: UW-Stout’s Elegant Video Game Culture

BDDPhotosBenSometimes on campus you will hear murmurs of a student run group that goes by P.O.N.G. This group is one of my more favorite groups on campus and they do some pretty spectacular things. P.O.N.G. stands for Peoples Organization of Network Gaming, and the thing that they are most known for is their LAN (Local Area Network) parties. These get togethers are held in the Great Hall of the MSC. They used to be limited to 217 attendees but now because of popularity they have expanded to accommodate over 300 Students, and the public.

A LAN party is basically a group of people who get together and play video games in the same room. It can be only 4 people, or as in the case of P.O.N.G.’s annual event, the numbers can soar over 300.

P.O.N.G. recently had one of these LAN’s on February 6th to 8th and I was lucky enough to be in attendance!


The tournaments are only one bit of the LAN though. Being with fellow gamers when doing what gamers do is something that rarely happens, because let’s be honest, most people set up a computer or console in their rooms and they never move it from there. Talking to your friends over voice chat is fun, but being next to them and able to yell a battle strategy in real life has a nice allure to it.


Not only does the LAN offer a wonderful chance to play games out of your normal atmosphere they also Love to give out prizes at these things, every LAN there are goodies to be given away. At the Previous LAN I was in attendance for I won a sick looking mouse mat. But they always have a nice assortment of raffle prizes to give away.


Hopefully, I’ve enticed you to come and give the next one a visit even if you don’t stay the whole time. And conveniently for everyone there is a LAN right around the corner, and it will be taking place on March 6th to 8th as always in the Great Hall of the MSC. Looking forward to seeing you all there!



Faculty Interview: Scot Vaver Loves Koalas

BDD AllisonWhen assigned the task of interviewing any faculty member I wanted, a half dozen professors popped into my head. UW-Stout has many phenomenal professors who are passionate about what they do.

I chose to interview Scot Vaver. Scot works at UW-Stout in the College of Management. He is an academic advisor as well as an advisor for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He has worked at UW-Stout for six and a half years. I had him for Principles of Management.

Scot is a down to earth, funny, easy person to talk to that always has a great story to tell. If you’ve ever been one of his students, you’ve probably heard a particularly hilarious story about a nervous interviewee that you’ll never forget.

So without further ado, here are some questions, serious and fun, that helped me get to know Scot a little better.

Scot Vaver

Q: What is one piece of advice that you would students to succeed in life?

Network, get out there and meet people.

Q: Would you rather sky dive or bungee jump?

Sky dive.

Q: Would you rather swim with sharks or get stung by a jelly fish?

Stung by a jellyfish.

Q: If you could have one superpower for a day, what would it be and why?

It wouldn’t be reading minds because I already basically have that. Be invisible- I can walk around and see what people say and do without them having the feeling of being watched- I like to people watch.


Q: How much can you bench?

Not sure, I don’t bench. A loaf of bread.

Q: Favorite past time?


Q: What kind of student were you in high school?

Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Class clown. Wild sense of humor. I would have been voted “most likely to do not a damn thing” in college.

Q: What is your spirit animal and why?

Koala bear- my favorite animal. Because they are lovable and cute like me.

Q:  When and where was the first time that you ever saw/spoke to your significant other?

I was hanging out with a few friends around town and this girl drove by with a two other friends in a green Dodge Spirit convertible. I can remember it just like yesterday. One of my friends yells to them as they drove around the corner. And I told him, they’re coming back, they’re driving around the block. And lo and behold, they drove up a minute later. And then they pulled out super soakers and soaked us all.

Do you have a faculty member you’d like us to feature? Let us know in the comments!

Uncommon Commons Eats: Salad Bowls

BDDYoungHey UW-Stout! Are you ready for another addition to your lunch or dinner resume at Merle M. Price Commons?


This week we’re going to look at a pretty basic but versatile food option – a salad. But not in those small colorful bowls – no no. We’re stepping it up a notch and going for an adult salad. Something you can eat as a main course.

Salads, especially those made in the Commons, are excellent because there are tons of options. I always start by getting my protein, in this case grilled chicken, but you have other options including fried chicken, fried fish, ham, turkey, beans or cheese.


Go through the Broadway Grill line and ask for a grilled chicken patty, no bun please and thank you. I like to dress my meat up a little bit, so I add some lemon herb seasoning from the spice rack and throw a couple of banana peppers on top, just so the juices can soak in a bit.


While you’re in the area, save a trip and grab some side dishes as well.

Next, you’re going to need the object that’s paramount to success in this recipe – the big black bowl. I’m sure you’ve seen them around, but where do you get them? Head over to Tacos ’N’ More and make your way to the front of the line. You can request the special bowl, empty.

From here the whole process is pretty self-explanatory. Grab some base greens, spinach or lettuce, then add as many extra toppings as you like. This is fun because you can decide the kind of salad you want and then select your ingredients based on that.


Are you going for something with a Mexican flare? Check out the peppers at the condiment bar and top it with some salsa.

Are you in the mood for something creamy and rich? Put some cheese, croutons and tomatoes in there and make it a Caesar.

I was hungry for something light, so I went with my favorite vegetables: peas, mushrooms, carrots, olives and tomatoes (the thinly sliced ones from the condiment bar because I think they fit in my mouth better), and then I finished it off with a light Italian dressing.



Your final step comes after you’ve chosen all your sides, paid and sat down. You just have to cut up your meat and any side ingredients you thought needed a good chop and add them to your salad bowl.


Viola! You have a healthy and delicious lunch or dinner.

Have a great week UW-Stout!

Live, from Menomonie, it’s Pete Davidson! SNL comic comes to town

Annalise Mark“Saturday Night Live” has been on the air since 1975. In fact, the 40th anniversary show will be onDSC_1375 NBC Sunday night, Feb. 15.

Based in New York, SNL is best known for its hilarious comedy skits featuring A-list celebrity guests.

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, Blue Devil Productions brought Saturday Night Live’s newest cast member, Pete Davidson, right here to UW-Stout for a free comedy show.

The event created quite the buzz around campus because Pete is from SNL, of course, but also because he’s only 21. Agewise, at least, he’s one of us.

Pete’s opening acts were Isaac Witty, from Minneapolis, and Craig Loydgren, who drove 19 hours from New York to get to UW-Stout.

My friends and I arrived about 40 minutes early for fear of not getting a good seat because we knew how big the event would be. Just as we thought, there already was a massive line of people waiting to file into the Great Hall for the show.

It was so exhilarating to see the Great Hall become increasingly full leading up to 8 p.m. Attendance peaked at 660 people.

Once the show started, laughter was contagious and there was a smile on every face in the room.

Great HallPete’s opening remarks were about how cold it is here. (Surprise, surprise.)

Pete’s stage presence made everyone in the crowd comfortable and willing to laugh at themselves and the realities of college living. It was a fun show and a good way to help my week go by a bit faster.

After his act, Pete opened the floor up for a Q&A session. People were able to ask him anything they wanted to. Questions ranged from his fondness of Star Wars to how he made his way to the SNL stage and to developing his stand-up material.

In full disclosure I am a member of the Blue Devil Productions team, but I thought it was an outstanding event. We couldn’t be happier with how well it turned out, and it was satisfying to hear many great reviews from those who attended.

The BDP staff even had the chance to pose with Pete for a photo.
Reason #345 to get involved on campus: You can meet cool people like Pete Davidson.

BDP with Pete Davidson