Involvement Fair

Annalise MarkIt seemed as though all corners of campus came together for the Spring 2015 Involvement Fair that was held on Tuesday, February 3rd in the Great Hall. This event had two general purposes: 1) to provide a place for UW-Stout organizations to recruit members and 2) to help UW-Stout students to find a club they might be interested in joining.

By 10:45 AM there were about eighty different organizations set up and ready to promote their club. The Great Hall was packed before the event was even scheduled to begin at 11 o’clock!

Involvement fairEach organization in attendance held an immense amount of passion for their niche on campus. This was obvious by their brand-heavy visual displays and members who had smiles on their faces while waiting for new potential recruits.

Take2 the streets Involvement fairMyself and another Take2 News Team member, Gjerda, walked around the event promoting what we do for University Communications as Take2 members. We spoke to as many organizations as we could in hopes of learning more about what they do.

Take2 the streetsAfter we completed our preliminary rounds of the Great Hall, it was time to do a “Take2 the Streets” segment! It was fun getting to know the people behind the organizations.


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