Live, from Menomonie, it’s Pete Davidson! SNL comic comes to town

Annalise Mark“Saturday Night Live” has been on the air since 1975. In fact, the 40th anniversary show will be onDSC_1375 NBC Sunday night, Feb. 15.

Based in New York, SNL is best known for its hilarious comedy skits featuring A-list celebrity guests.

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, Blue Devil Productions brought Saturday Night Live’s newest cast member, Pete Davidson, right here to UW-Stout for a free comedy show.

The event created quite the buzz around campus because Pete is from SNL, of course, but also because he’s only 21. Agewise, at least, he’s one of us.

Pete’s opening acts were Isaac Witty, from Minneapolis, and Craig Loydgren, who drove 19 hours from New York to get to UW-Stout.

My friends and I arrived about 40 minutes early for fear of not getting a good seat because we knew how big the event would be. Just as we thought, there already was a massive line of people waiting to file into the Great Hall for the show.

It was so exhilarating to see the Great Hall become increasingly full leading up to 8 p.m. Attendance peaked at 660 people.

Once the show started, laughter was contagious and there was a smile on every face in the room.

Great HallPete’s opening remarks were about how cold it is here. (Surprise, surprise.)

Pete’s stage presence made everyone in the crowd comfortable and willing to laugh at themselves and the realities of college living. It was a fun show and a good way to help my week go by a bit faster.

After his act, Pete opened the floor up for a Q&A session. People were able to ask him anything they wanted to. Questions ranged from his fondness of Star Wars to how he made his way to the SNL stage and to developing his stand-up material.

In full disclosure I am a member of the Blue Devil Productions team, but I thought it was an outstanding event. We couldn’t be happier with how well it turned out, and it was satisfying to hear many great reviews from those who attended.

The BDP staff even had the chance to pose with Pete for a photo.
Reason #345 to get involved on campus: You can meet cool people like Pete Davidson.

BDP with Pete Davidson


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