Uncommon Commons Eats: Salad Bowls

BDDYoungHey UW-Stout! Are you ready for another addition to your lunch or dinner resume at Merle M. Price Commons?


This week we’re going to look at a pretty basic but versatile food option – a salad. But not in those small colorful bowls – no no. We’re stepping it up a notch and going for an adult salad. Something you can eat as a main course.

Salads, especially those made in the Commons, are excellent because there are tons of options. I always start by getting my protein, in this case grilled chicken, but you have other options including fried chicken, fried fish, ham, turkey, beans or cheese.


Go through the Broadway Grill line and ask for a grilled chicken patty, no bun please and thank you. I like to dress my meat up a little bit, so I add some lemon herb seasoning from the spice rack and throw a couple of banana peppers on top, just so the juices can soak in a bit.


While you’re in the area, save a trip and grab some side dishes as well.

Next, you’re going to need the object that’s paramount to success in this recipe – the big black bowl. I’m sure you’ve seen them around, but where do you get them? Head over to Tacos ’N’ More and make your way to the front of the line. You can request the special bowl, empty.

From here the whole process is pretty self-explanatory. Grab some base greens, spinach or lettuce, then add as many extra toppings as you like. This is fun because you can decide the kind of salad you want and then select your ingredients based on that.


Are you going for something with a Mexican flare? Check out the peppers at the condiment bar and top it with some salsa.

Are you in the mood for something creamy and rich? Put some cheese, croutons and tomatoes in there and make it a Caesar.

I was hungry for something light, so I went with my favorite vegetables: peas, mushrooms, carrots, olives and tomatoes (the thinly sliced ones from the condiment bar because I think they fit in my mouth better), and then I finished it off with a light Italian dressing.



Your final step comes after you’ve chosen all your sides, paid and sat down. You just have to cut up your meat and any side ingredients you thought needed a good chop and add them to your salad bowl.


Viola! You have a healthy and delicious lunch or dinner.

Have a great week UW-Stout!


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