P.O.N.G: UW-Stout’s Elegant Video Game Culture

BDDPhotosBenSometimes on campus you will hear murmurs of a student run group that goes by P.O.N.G. This group is one of my more favorite groups on campus and they do some pretty spectacular things. P.O.N.G. stands for Peoples Organization of Network Gaming, and the thing that they are most known for is their LAN (Local Area Network) parties. These get togethers are held in the Great Hall of the MSC. They used to be limited to 217 attendees but now because of popularity they have expanded to accommodate over 300 Students, and the public.

A LAN party is basically a group of people who get together and play video games in the same room. It can be only 4 people, or as in the case of P.O.N.G.’s annual event, the numbers can soar over 300.

P.O.N.G. recently had one of these LAN’s on February 6th to 8th and I was lucky enough to be in attendance!


The tournaments are only one bit of the LAN though. Being with fellow gamers when doing what gamers do is something that rarely happens, because let’s be honest, most people set up a computer or console in their rooms and they never move it from there. Talking to your friends over voice chat is fun, but being next to them and able to yell a battle strategy in real life has a nice allure to it.


Not only does the LAN offer a wonderful chance to play games out of your normal atmosphere they also Love to give out prizes at these things, every LAN there are goodies to be given away. At the Previous LAN I was in attendance for I won a sick looking mouse mat. But they always have a nice assortment of raffle prizes to give away.


Hopefully, I’ve enticed you to come and give the next one a visit even if you don’t stay the whole time. And conveniently for everyone there is a LAN right around the corner, and it will be taking place on March 6th to 8th as always in the Great Hall of the MSC. Looking forward to seeing you all there!




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