Uncommon Commons Eats: Barburrito

BDDYoungHello Stouties. Here we go with a strange one. Fair warning: I didn’t know what I was doing before I made this, so I will be adding steps that are not pictured based on what I was thinking after I sampled the burrito.

Without further ado, meet the Green Barburrito, aptly named because of its color and vegetarian fixings.


Merle M. Price Commons has a wide array of foods available, so with just the right amount of tweaking you shouldn’t get bored with your food. Eating on campus should actually be an adventure. It was for me.

The Green Barburrito consists of food from three areas of the cafeteria: Broadway Deli, Tacos ‘N’ More and the salad bar.

First, go to the deli and request a spinach wrap. You can do the tomato-basil one too, but then it’s not green and that just sounds too boring for me.

Then, pick up a small bowl and ask for a side of refried beans from Tacos ‘N’ More.

The final main ingredient is rice. You’ll need to check the lunch menu on the Commons’ website before you make this to ensure they have rice at the carb station. Get about half of a small soup bowl of rice.

Grab some picante, salsa or taco sauce and pour it into your rice. Stir well. This will prevent the rice from being a weird exterior texture later on. Just trust me.


Now you have the three basics of the burrito. All you have to do is gather the vegetables, cheese and sauces.

I chose shredded lettuce, tomatoes slices, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers and diced onions.

ComponentsMy plate was full because I didn’t know how I was going to construct the burrito, but you can eliminate this problem by adding the ingredients straight onto the wrap.

Now you just have to load the burrito.


Spread on the beans and top them with the rice and cheese.


Load up your vegetables. Spread out the jalapenos. I repeat, spread out the jalapenos! Then wrap up the whole thing. I don’t technically know how to wrap a burrito, but I know how to do a wrap, so I used those skills on this.

Wrap Instructions copycropYou don’t need to put this in the Panini press. In fact, burritos don’t normally get a grilling, but I thought that, for the sake of my food not falling apart all over my new dress, I would give it a quick grill, just long enough to get the outer shell crispy.

And then you’re done. You have a UW-Stout Green Barburrito.


The taste is great. You may not even notice much difference between the spinach wrap and a flour tortilla.

DSC00104Give it a try and let me know what you think. Anything I should improve on for next time?



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