A great experience at MBLGTACC

BDDRyanDuring Valentine’s Day weekend, I experienced one of the most influential college conferences of my life, MBLGTACC. The letters stand for Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Ally College Conference.

UW-Stout’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance offered the amazing opportunity to go to this conference at Illinois State University in Normal, Ill. Going to this conference, meeting the people and really absorbing the conference’s slogan, “Narrating a new normal,” made me realize that I am normal.

This said, I would like to say that I identify as a bisexual male (surprise!).

The conference had many fantastic workshop opportunities. I learned all about sign language within the gay community, horizontal policing and many more topics. Not only did I learn about subjects like gender and sexual identity, but I also experienced a ton of diversity, especially in the form of hair styles.

I also had the crazy-awesome opportunity to listen to Laverne Cox (“Orange is the New Black”) speak on transgender issues and her life.

On Saturday night there was an amazing drag show hosted by Rupaul Drag Races’ winner Bianca Del Rio. After the drag show was a huge dance.

Anyone who is an ally or is just interested should go to MBLGTACC.


I learned so much and had so much fun. I also made many new friendships, which I hope will last a lifetime.

I feel so blessed to be going to a university that has such an amazing LGBTQA resource center, The Qube, and an amazing, accepting community.

And never forget, “You are the only expert on you” – Robyn Ochs


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