Uncommon Common’s Eats: Quesadillas

BDDYoungI guess you could say I have a thing for Mexican food. I put salsa on my eggs in the morning. A normal and easy dinner that I always make at home is quesadillas. I really don’t think there is anything easier and better than a pair of tortillas with melty cheese between them.

So here’s the easy way to do this in Merle M. Price Commons.


First, head over to Tacos ‘N’ More and get two soft shell tacos. Ask for whichever kind of meat you’d like in one and cheese in the other. I would suggest asking for about half the normal meat, just because the tacos aren’t large enough to hold all the meat, cheese, and other vegetables inside.

Next, grab some salsa, shredded lettuce and additional cheese (if you want it).

QuescomponentsHead over to my favorite cooking implement, the Panini presses. Now comes the rearranging part. You need to take the taco with meat and lay it flat on your plate. Spread out the meat evenly over the tortilla. Then dump your cheese-filled tortilla onto the meat.

The next step is all about personal preference. The sandwich bar has a variety of fixings.

I chose shredded lettuce and salsa because I wanted something mild.


Then place the top tortilla on top and you are ready to cook. It’s difficult to get the full quesadilla onto the press, so I would suggest carefully sliding it from the plate to the press.

DSC00013 Let it cook for a little while and then you’re good to go. I grabbed some sour cream to dip it in and called it good.


Give this a try and let me know what you think. Have a great week Stout!


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