Uncommon Commons Eats: Loaded Cheesy Fries

BDDYoungMy friend Sam introduced me to the brilliance that is chili-cheese fries at Merle M. Price Commons. It simply requires chili, cheese and fries. It’s perfect for those days when you’re in need of some comfort food, but there is one flaw: It can only be done on days when chili is served. I have been waiting for weeks now, and the serving has never lined up with my schedule so I’ve finally lost my patience and decided to do my own cheesy-fry concoction. Here it is: the Loaded Cheese Fries.


First, stop at the Broadway Grill and get a plate of fries. The rest of the ingredients can be found among the salad and sandwich fixing bar. For the fries you’ll need cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions and bacon bits (they’re in a canister that looks like a salad dressing dispenser and, yes, I’m positive they’re not real.)


For the sauce, which is completely optional, you’ll want to decide what kind of mood you’re in. Do you want a sweet barbecue, spicy buffalo, tangy balsamic or just the classic ranch?


For each sauce, aside from the ranch, take equal parts mayonnaise and your flavor of choice (barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce or balsamic vinegar) and mix them.


Once you have all of your ingredients you can check out and sit down. This requires a little piecing together. We’re going to be using a new implement this week, the microwave. MAKE SURE TO GRAB A PLATE FROM BESIDE THE MICROWAVE. This is really important because those multicolored plastic plates will probably make you grow extra limbs if you microwave them. So grab one of the microwave-safe ones.


Once you have the plate put your ingredients on it starting with fries, then cheese and finally your veggies. I decided to cut my vegetables because there is no way a flimsy fry is going to be able to hold an entire tomato slice.

Once that’s done you can nuke it. I suggest putting it in for about 30 seconds. Any more than that and you’ll end up with a congealed mess.


Viola! You have delicious cheesy fries. Now you can pour the sauce on top or just dip it in, your choice. Either way, yum, these fries have all of the unhealthiness and deliciousness you could want.

Feel free to spruce these up with your own twist of toppings, sauce or even seasonings. There are tons of options, so just follow your taste buds, Stouties!


As always, special thanks to UW-Stout Dining Services for making this possible.

Have a great week Stout!


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