Who is Anna DeAnn Brown?

BDDRyanIt’s my turn to interview someone! Sticking to my roots of getting out there on campus, I chose to talk to the first person I ran into on my walk outside. Guess who I ran into? One of my best friends, Anna. She lives on my floor and is on the basketball team here at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Anna has the best outlook on life and never ceases to make me smile. Enjoy Anna’s stories of her time at UW-Stout.

Anna 2

Q: Where are you from?

I am from Wausau, Wisconsin.

Q: How did you end up at UW-Stout?

I toured most of the UW schools and I just loved everything about Stout. I loved the amount of people and the distance away from home and how people treated you here. It just clicked.

Q: What was the best day that you have ever had on campus?

Just the first few days in general. Everyone was super open and everyone was on the same level of not knowing anyone. It was just great to have the same feeling of being new like everyone else.

Q: How did you meet people?

When I first started meeting people I told them my name was Kiki. I also told people my name was Pheobe. I don’t know why I did it; I just wanted to be different because everyone has the name Anna where I am from and it’s really boring. I just wanted to be different!

Q: What happened when people found out?

There was a group of guys that found out my name was Anna so they called me Kiki-Pheobe-Anna for like a week, and then that was my name.11031965_1082838621731485_1955190975_o

Q: How did you meet your best friend?

My best friend from Stout is named Haley. We are in basketball together. The day we met is actually pretty funny. We met at one of the preview days or orientation, something like that. We were sitting right across from each other, not knowing we were on the team together. We both had that thought in our head that we both looked liked basketball players, but we never said anything. Then our coach walked around the corner and asked if we sat next to each other on purpose. My coach went to hug me and she spilled her smoldering hot coffee all over me and Haley probably sat there thinking, “I’m glad that wasn’t me.”

Q: Have you had any moments at UW-Stout that have reassured you that you picked the right school?

I was talking to my coach about how he would set me up with a job shadow with his sister. He was just going out of his way to help me. It’s crazy! There have been so many people around campus just like that, and I think it’s great that people help so much with some of the littlest things. There is free hot chocolate on Thursdays in February. I love Stout.


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