UW-Stout Bookstore

So, we all know about UW-Stout’s bookstore, right? Wrong. After asking around campus, I found out that some people have actually never been inside the bookstore! Most people think that it only has UW-Stout-brand clothes and a few supplies. Well, they have way more items in that tiny shop than you’d think. Ladies, did you know that you [...]


Fashion Without Fabric

I can’t imagine wearing an outfit that doesn’t consist of some type of fabric, but 3D Design students had the challenge of designing, constructing, and modeling outfit creations that could consist of anything but fabric. On Saturday, April 11th, design students showed off their hard work on the runway in the Great Hall of the [...]

Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series

Hey Stouties! You haven’t heard from me in a while, so here’s a little taste of my life and what I’ve been doing. This semester, I competed in the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series. The series consisted of five collegiate indoor rock climbing contests hosted at UW campuses across the state. One of the events, Climbing in Wonderland, was held [...]

A Green House for Blue Devils

This morning, I visited the UW-Stout Greenhouse in Jarvis 366. I met two of the Greenhouse employees, Miranda and Kyra. Miranda has been working for the greenhouse for three semesters. She's majoring in Environmental Science, which uses the greenhouse frequently for Botany labs. Miranda's favorite plant is the Bromeliad, because there are millions of species [...]

Family Weekend

Each year, University of Wisconsin-Stout hosts a weekend of family and fun. Family Weekend was April 10–12 and it is always a great time because many orgs and groups on campus plan to have their events all within a three day period. So, campus gets a bit hectic. There is University Theatre's Musical, Fashion Without Fabric, a jazz concert, and [...]