UW-Stout Bookstore

Joylin BaranickSo, we all know about UW-Stout’s bookstore, right? Wrong. After asking around campus, I found out that some people have actually never been inside the bookstore! Most people think that it only has UW-Stout-brand clothes and a few supplies. Well, they have way more items in that tiny shop than you’d think.

Ladies, did you know that you can not only buy cute UW-Stout apparel, but also makeup, lotion, phone cases, planners and other useful items?


Gents, the bookstore also has awesome sweatpants, t-shirts, headphones, Frisbees, and mugs- all great for showing your Stout pride. Guys

The bookstore also has supplies for anyone working on art pieces, science projects, and everyone in between.

Our bookstore also has awesome alumni gear and memorabilia for our students who are graduating or have already graduated. All of these also make great last-minute gifts for family members.


And one last perk, they always have sales going on. So next time you’re in the Memorial Student Center, stop by and check it out. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay Classy Stout!

Joylin Baranick

Fashion Without Fabric

Annalise MarkI can’t imagine wearing an outfit that doesn’t consist of some type of fabric, but 3D Design students had the challenge of designing, constructing, and modeling outfit creations that could consist of anything but fabric.

On Saturday, April 11th, design students showed off their hard work on the runway in the Great Hall of the Memorial Student Center. There were a total of 93 different outfits inspired by the achievements of Nobel Peace Prize winners. The concepts of the projects ranged from cures for malaria to achievements in literature to peace and war and more. The goal of the project was to focus on creating clothing that was more structural and sculpture-like, rather than forms found in everyday fashion.


I was fortunate enough to attend the Fashion Without Fabric event and I was amazed by the enormous amounts of creativity to say the least. It was an amazing event. The event was completely sold out and the Great Hall was packed to the gills.

20150411_202515When each creation hit the runway, the models strut their stuff. Some released balloons, or tossed glow sticks into the audience to hype up the audience.


20150411_212324Once I got up close to the projects afterwards, I discovered some were made out of plastic trash bags, computer keyboards, pennies, cardboard, tissue paper, and really anything you could imagine- except for fabric.

20150411_205456The amount of talent I saw was inspiring. If you didn’t get the chance to grab a ticket to the show before they sold out or weren’t sure what the event was about, I highly suggest you check it out next year. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

20150411_205832Congratulations to all of the 3D Design students who worked hard on their Fashion Without Fabric Projects, they were all amazing.

If you’re interested in any of UW-Stout’s art programs, check out www.uwstout.edu/artdes.

Uncommon Commons Eats: Hummus Schmeer

Barbara YoungAs the weather warms up, I start to reconsider all of the cheesy fries and burritos I’ve made myself. This generally leads to me craving something healthy, yet hearty. This year I settled on hummus, the health food craze of the 2000’s. However, I’ve decided the classic pita chips and hummus wouldn’t cut it for a fun new recipe for you Stouties. So instead, I smeared it on a toasted bagel.

Sounds kind of strange, I know, but trust me, this is the perfect lunch. I had to make it twice because my pictures went missing (seriously, no idea what I did with the first ones), but that just means I perfected the recipe.


So here’s what you do. Go to the deli station, whether you’re at North Point or Merle Price Commons. Get a bagel, one slice of provolone cheese, and hummus. Make sure you get the hummus on the side! It’s very important for the next step that you don’t have hummus on your bagel.


Place the bagel in the Panini press for a few minutes to get it nice and toasty. You can use the toaster as well, if you want a bit more of a crunch.


While the bagel is toasting, gather sprouts, tomato slices (not wedges), and carrots.


Once the bagel is nicely toasted place the provolone cheese on top of the bottom and close the Panini press part way. Don’t close it all the way or your cheese will get stuck all over the top of the press!

When the cheese is nicely melted on the bagel take both halves out.


Now you just have to add the toppings. Smear the hummus on top of the cheese, add sprouts, tomatoes, and carrots, and viola, you have a delicious spring time sandwich.


If you want the vegetables to be warmed up, you can also put the sandwich back in the press for a little while after everything is all put together. Just be careful not to turn it too high or it will blacken your bagel.


A shout out to dining services for making these posts possible!

Enjoy Stout!

Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series

BDD AllisonHey Stouties! You haven’t heard from me in a while, so here’s a little taste of my life and what I’ve been doing.

This semester, I competed in the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series. The series consisted of five collegiate indoor rock climbing contests hosted at UW campuses across the state. One of the events, Climbing in Wonderland, was held at Stout Adventures.

The final competition of the series was Saturday, April 11, at UW-La Crosse. Registration started at noon, so we hit the road around 9:30 a.m. It was a fun two-hour road trip with great companions.


When we got there, we signed the necessary paperwork and waivers. Officials also were collecting donations for their local food pantry. For each item donated, you received an extra raffle ticket for prizes donated by our awesome sponsors.3

A huge shout-out to the sponsors of WICS for making the series possible.


As soon as the rules were explained to the competitors, the climbing began.

5                    6

Everyone always asks, “Well, how do you compete at climbing? Whoever gets to the top fastest wins?” Not quite. Competitors are allowed to climb as many routes as they want throughout the day. At the end of the day, each climber’s top four climb scores are added and then ranked within that climber’s division. The categories are split into men’s and women’s advanced, intermediate and beginner. There also was a youth division.

7                      8

What are routes? Well, all of the duct tape on the wall isn’t just to make it look colorful and pretty. The duct tape designates which “holds” a climber can use for their hands and feet.


In the photo above, you can see the scorecards littering the floor. After each climb, you mark your scorecard. If you successfully complete a route your first time, it’s worth “X” amount of points, say 220. But, say you miss the last “hold” and fall. You climb it again and get it on the second try. Now, it’s worth slightly fewer points, maybe 215. However, that climb still is worth more points than an easier climb you completed after one try.


The next thing you might ask is, “Why aren’t these crazy people wearing harnesses and why do the people on the ground have their arms up? Are they going to catch the climber?” Answer: sort of. This type of climbing is called bouldering, which is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses; climbers still use climbing shoes to help secure 12footholds and chalk to absorb the sweat from their hands and enhance their grip. Also, bouldering routes typically are only 15 to 20 feet or less, and there are people on the ground “spotting them” with their hands in the air, ready to guide a person’s head and shoulders safely to the ground if they fall. The spotters don’t try to catch the climber’s full body weight.

It was a great day of climbing filled with challenges, chalk and friends. I can’t wait for next year’s series. If you’re interested in the sport, indoor or outdoor, Stout Adventures is the place on campus to go.

Hope to see you there!

A Green House for Blue Devils

gjerdaThis morning, I visited the UW-Stout Greenhouse in Jarvis 366. I met two of the Greenhouse employees, Miranda and Kyra. Miranda has been working for the greenhouse for three semesters. She’s majoring in Environmental Science, which uses the greenhouse frequently for Botany labs.

Miranda’s favorite plant is the Bromeliad, because there are millions of species of Bromeliads, and there’s currently one growing a pineapple in the Greenhouse!


After I talked to Miranda, I roamed around the greenhouse and investigated some of the awesome plants they have. Here’s a picture of some succulents.


And here we can see the great coffee tree in action.


And here is the adorable Zebrina plant blooming.


Unfortunately you can’t take any plants home with you, but there are student that occasionally hold houseplant sales in Memorial Student Center. Look for the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (SAEA) as well as Greensense, if you’d like your own plant.

The greenhouse has some great areas for studying, too. There’s a large table very close to the plants, where Miranda and Kyra were hanging out, potting plants. They said they love it when people visit, and they wished more people would. Most of the greenhouse traffic is from Environmental Science classes, and other plant-related classes.

However, it’s also meant for the public, and it’s truly a lovely place to study, or just relax and breath some fresh, warm air. Kyra said she’s always had a love for plants, and it’s just relaxing being around them. It’s certainly a change from the usual campus environment, especially during winter. If you’d like a hearty breath of tropical air, now you know where to go. I highly recommend this location if you need to de-stress. The greenhouse’s hours can be found on their facebook page.


Family Weekend

Barbara YoungEach year, University of Wisconsin-Stout hosts a BDDRyanweekend of family and fun. Family Weekend was April 10–12 and it is always a great time because many orgs and groups on campus plan to have their events all within a three day period. So, campus gets a bit hectic. There is University Theatre’s Musical, Fashion Without Fabric, a jazz concert, and many more events. Menomonie’s restaurants get a bit crowded and main street sees a shopping boom, but it makes walking around pretty exciting.


My parents came up just for the day because the UW-Stout Jazz Band and Chamber Choir, in which I sing, had a concert on the terrace of the MSC. The two groups brought down the house!

spring terrrace 2015 i

After the show we made a pit stop at the Family Weekend photo booth downstairs and I showed them around campus a bit (they’ve seen it all but I like to pretend I’m a tour guide).


We made our way out to Log Jam for a bite to eat and it was packed! All the restaurants on main street have a big weekend on Family Weekend. It was kind of amusing seeing the confusion of some of the local’s faces. Some had no idea where the crowds were coming from.


We closed out the day with some antique shopping, a Menomonie specialty. We have 4 or 5 stores on the same strip so it makes shopping easy and convenient.

IMG_20150411_133156 Soon, it was time for them to head out, but it was great having them up for the day to have them look around my favorite town and school.


My family weekend was fantastic. My mother, father, grandma, and grandpa, all came down on Saturday.

Pic1The best part of Family Weekend is that there are a wide variety of events on the schedule, but you’re free to do whatever you want. My family and I went all over Menomonie together. My favorite thing that we did was tour the historic Mabel Tainter Theater.



After visiting the Mabel Tainter, I gave my family tours of UW-Stout’s buildings, then we went to eat at Log Jam.

After dinner at the Log Jam, we went Marion’s Legacy (the best chocolate in Menomonie). Toward the end of my day with my amazing family, we just walked around the beautiful UW-Stout campus.


Overall, Family Weekend was a success. I loved that my family got the opportunity to spend time on campus and learn more about the town. My only wish is that we had Family Weekend more than once a year.

Uncommon Common’s Eats: Fireside Café

Barbara Young

Alright UW-Stout, time for some wisdom. I’ve done a lot of eating at North Point and Merle Price Commons, but I haven’t shown you what the rest of campus has to offer, so today, we diversify this blog!

There are a lot of eating options on campus, but if you go up the stairs in the MSC you will end up in the Fireside Café, a food-court-style market with made-to-order meals.DSC00012

You have options like Mexican food, burgers, a customizable pasta station, Asian creations, comfort food, and a deli. The area is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., but the lunch stations, including Comfort Zone and Heritage Deli don’t open until 10:30 a.m. and close early.


One of my favorite stations in the Fireside Café is Innovations, which is the customizable pasta station. You pick the type of noodle, sauce, vegetables and protein and then a chef cooks it all in front of you. Yum! Also, check out their weekly special– it can range from bacon macaroni to pene rosa and it’s always delicious.

Today, however, I went to Heritage Deli for my favorite menu item.DSC00006

The deli has a variety of sandwiches, salads, and desserts. So I picked out my sandwich (asiago is the way to go ladies and gents) and then asked for the bar/chip special.DSC00016

For $1.67 you can get a bar and a bag of chips. The bars are huge and the chips are absolutely perfect. There are many different options of bars throughout the year, but when I was there, the options were pumpkin and lemon bars. The vinegar and sea salt chips are made in-house.

Once you’re all set, you pay at the registers and then find a comfy chair near the fireside and enjoy your lunch.

Also, I just need to tell you about my favorite dessert from the Fireside!DSC00004

These are Oreo Truffles. They are amazing and they are only 55 cents. Now, you know the most important piece of information known to man. Do with it as you please.