2nd Annual Qubies Gayla

Pic1BDDRyanThursday, I had the amazing opportunity of attending University of Wisconsin-Stout’s 2nd annual Qubies Gayla. For those that do not know what the Gayla is, it’s an award show and dance to celebrate the accomplishments of UW-Stout students that identify in the LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup. For the occasion, the Great Hall was decorated with rainbows, brightly colored curtains and beautiful centerpieces on each table.


Other than making myself look ridiculous by wearing my “Take2 the Streets” ID badge (check it out on the University of Wisconsin-Stout facebook page), I had a grand ‘ole time. The first hour of the night was spent sampling the delicious food catered by the Universities catering service and after that, the awards ceremony began.


The show was hosted by the always handsome, always on point, De’andre Jones. The awards were given the same way they are given at the Oscars. The nominees were called, the name of the winner was pulled from a sealed envelope, each winner received a small trophy and then gave an acceptance speech.

A few of the winners of the night included, Kyle Lindberg, Gabriel Starr, Katie Quinn, De’andre Jones, Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, and UW-Stout Police Officers Pederson and Spetz. Pi Lambda Phi won the LQBTQIA-friendly organization because of all the work they do with the LGBTIA+ community. Officers Pederson and Spetz won the Staff Ally of the year award for their amazing job of keeping the campus safe for everyone including LGBTQIA+ members. I’d like to say congratulations to all the winners of the night; your awards were very much deserved.

The dance started right after the awards ceremony and continued until 11 p.m. It was an intense experience, with everyone dancing untill we fell over. The whole event was a great bonding experience with my fellow Gender and Sexuality Alliance members .

For anyone who will still be here next year, I very highly recommend going to this event. It was a great learning experience an overall great time. I promise you’ll have a fun no matter how you identify yourself.


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