Menomonie is a hotbed for disc golf

BDDPhotosBenThere’s a lot more to Menomonie than meets the eye, and when it comes to disc golfing Menomonie will really surprise you. The city has three 18-hole courses: The Brickyard, Wakanda Park and Menomonie Middle School. Also, UW-Stout has several practice baskets between the south campus residence halls.

Disc golf is a fantastic sport that is growing in popularity every day, and it can be taken as serious as the golfer wants. The sport ranges from casually hanging out with friends to professional-level competitions.


Of the three courses in Menomonie, my favorite is Wakanda Park. The holes are generally pretty straight with a few doglegs here and there, and they are long. So it allows you to really throw your discs and see how far they will go. The course starts though some woods then takes a nice pass by Lake Menomin, while finishing up through the playground. I would recommend this course to players with all levels of experience.


Next on my list is the Brickyard, just west of campus. It is ranked among the world’s best disc golf courses. Brickyard is more of a romp through the woods while trying to hit the basket. With that being said, it is a beautiful course.

From personal experience, it gets very wet, floods easily and stays that way when it rains. My recommendation would be to go here if you have some previous playing experience.

Last but definitely not least is the Menomonie Middle School course. It’s always a wonderful time. The course plays nicely up and down hills, making for a non-linear experience. However, the holes generally feel rather short, making this my least favorite of the three. In my opinion, the middle school is best for new players who want to improve their skills.


If you’re interested in learning to disc golf or improving the skills you already have, the UW-Stout Disc Golf Club is a fantastic place to start looking. The club invites professionals to campus every semester to provide expertise and has weekly meetings. It also sells discs with the UW-Stout Disc Golf Club logo on them.

I hope you give this wonderful sport a chance. The culture that goes with it is amazing, and the people you meet on the courses are great.

I look forward to seeing you out on the courses.



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