Stoutnic: An indoor version of Backyard Bash

Annalise MarkBDDRyan

Stoutnic was held Thursday, April 2, from 4 to 7 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room in the Sports and Fitness Center. The event catered to all those on campus looking to learn more about on-campus organizations, snag some free food and take a break from classes.


Ryan and I attended Stoutnic with some friends and had a lot of fun. Although there weren’t many student organizations present when we arrived, it was still a great time being able to chat with the people behind the organizations who were in attendance.

My favorite part:

I really liked how I felt like a kid again with the inflatable games everywhere, but my favorite part would have to be when we visited the Hand Drumming Club’s booth to learn how to, well, drum. Some of us had difficulties (Ryan), but there was never a dull moment.

20150402_182954 (1) 20150402_182939

How Stoutnic compares to Backyard Bash:

For starters, Stoutnic was inside while Backyard Bash was outside during the fall. Both events had representatives from numerous campus organizations, but Backyard Bash definitely takes the trophy for most attendees. Will Stoutnic be top dog next year? I guess you’ll have to go and find out.


My favorite part:

I had a lot of fun visiting the different organizations at their booths, but my favorite part of Stoutnic had to be the inflatables and games. There were two hilariously fun inflatables and a human bowling game. I had the most fun with the Velcro sticky wall, as you can see.

Pic 2 Pic 1

The human bowling was a little too intense-looking for me so I did not partake.

Pic 3

How Stoutnic compares to Backyard Bash:

Stoutnic and Backyard Bash were very close to the same event. In my mind, Backyard Bash wins. Backyard Bash was outside in beautiful weather and was hyped up a lot more. Overall, I’m looking forward to both the Backyard Bash and Stoutnic next year.

pic 4


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