Family Weekend

Barbara YoungEach year, University of Wisconsin-Stout hosts a BDDRyanweekend of family and fun. Family Weekend was April 10–12 and it is always a great time because many orgs and groups on campus plan to have their events all within a three day period. So, campus gets a bit hectic. There is University Theatre’s Musical, Fashion Without Fabric, a jazz concert, and many more events. Menomonie’s restaurants get a bit crowded and main street sees a shopping boom, but it makes walking around pretty exciting.


My parents came up just for the day because the UW-Stout Jazz Band and Chamber Choir, in which I sing, had a concert on the terrace of the MSC. The two groups brought down the house!

spring terrrace 2015 i

After the show we made a pit stop at the Family Weekend photo booth downstairs and I showed them around campus a bit (they’ve seen it all but I like to pretend I’m a tour guide).


We made our way out to Log Jam for a bite to eat and it was packed! All the restaurants on main street have a big weekend on Family Weekend. It was kind of amusing seeing the confusion of some of the local’s faces. Some had no idea where the crowds were coming from.


We closed out the day with some antique shopping, a Menomonie specialty. We have 4 or 5 stores on the same strip so it makes shopping easy and convenient.

IMG_20150411_133156 Soon, it was time for them to head out, but it was great having them up for the day to have them look around my favorite town and school.


My family weekend was fantastic. My mother, father, grandma, and grandpa, all came down on Saturday.

Pic1The best part of Family Weekend is that there are a wide variety of events on the schedule, but you’re free to do whatever you want. My family and I went all over Menomonie together. My favorite thing that we did was tour the historic Mabel Tainter Theater.



After visiting the Mabel Tainter, I gave my family tours of UW-Stout’s buildings, then we went to eat at Log Jam.

After dinner at the Log Jam, we went Marion’s Legacy (the best chocolate in Menomonie). Toward the end of my day with my amazing family, we just walked around the beautiful UW-Stout campus.


Overall, Family Weekend was a success. I loved that my family got the opportunity to spend time on campus and learn more about the town. My only wish is that we had Family Weekend more than once a year.


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