A Green House for Blue Devils

gjerdaThis morning, I visited the UW-Stout Greenhouse in Jarvis 366. I met two of the Greenhouse employees, Miranda and Kyra. Miranda has been working for the greenhouse for three semesters. She’s majoring in Environmental Science, which uses the greenhouse frequently for Botany labs.

Miranda’s favorite plant is the Bromeliad, because there are millions of species of Bromeliads, and there’s currently one growing a pineapple in the Greenhouse!


After I talked to Miranda, I roamed around the greenhouse and investigated some of the awesome plants they have. Here’s a picture of some succulents.


And here we can see the great coffee tree in action.


And here is the adorable Zebrina plant blooming.


Unfortunately you can’t take any plants home with you, but there are student that occasionally hold¬†houseplant sales in Memorial Student Center. Look for the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (SAEA) as well as Greensense, if you’d like your own plant.

The greenhouse has some great areas for studying, too. There’s a large table very close to the plants, where Miranda and Kyra were hanging out, potting plants. They said they love it when people visit, and they wished more people would. Most of the greenhouse traffic is from Environmental Science classes, and other plant-related classes.

However, it’s also meant for the public, and it’s truly a lovely place to study, or just relax and breath some fresh, warm air. Kyra said she’s always had a love for plants, and it’s just relaxing being around them. It’s certainly a change from the usual campus environment, especially during winter. If you’d like a hearty breath of tropical air, now you know where to go. I highly recommend this location if you need to de-stress. The greenhouse’s hours can be found on their facebook page.



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