Uncommon Commons Eats: Hummus Schmeer

Barbara YoungAs the weather warms up, I start to reconsider all of the cheesy fries and burritos I’ve made myself. This generally leads to me craving something healthy, yet hearty. This year I settled on hummus, the health food craze of the 2000’s. However, I’ve decided the classic pita chips and hummus wouldn’t cut it for a fun new recipe for you Stouties. So instead, I smeared it on a toasted bagel.

Sounds kind of strange, I know, but trust me, this is the perfect lunch. I had to make it twice because my pictures went missing (seriously, no idea what I did with the first ones), but that just means I perfected the recipe.


So here’s what you do. Go to the deli station, whether you’re at North Point or Merle Price Commons. Get a bagel, one slice of provolone cheese, and hummus. Make sure you get the hummus on the side! It’s very important for the next step that you don’t have hummus on your bagel.


Place the bagel in the Panini press for a few minutes to get it nice and toasty. You can use the toaster as well, if you want a bit more of a crunch.


While the bagel is toasting, gather sprouts, tomato slices (not wedges), and carrots.


Once the bagel is nicely toasted place the provolone cheese on top of the bottom and close the Panini press part way. Don’t close it all the way or your cheese will get stuck all over the top of the press!

When the cheese is nicely melted on the bagel take both halves out.


Now you just have to add the toppings. Smear the hummus on top of the cheese, add sprouts, tomatoes, and carrots, and viola, you have a delicious spring time sandwich.


If you want the vegetables to be warmed up, you can also put the sandwich back in the press for a little while after everything is all put together. Just be careful not to turn it too high or it will blacken your bagel.


A shout out to dining services for making these posts possible!

Enjoy Stout!


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