Fashion Without Fabric

Annalise MarkI can’t imagine wearing an outfit that doesn’t consist of some type of fabric, but 3D Design students had the challenge of designing, constructing, and modeling outfit creations that could consist of anything but fabric.

On Saturday, April 11th, design students showed off their hard work on the runway in the Great Hall of the Memorial Student Center. There were a total of 93 different outfits inspired by the achievements of Nobel Peace Prize winners. The concepts of the projects ranged from cures for malaria to achievements in literature to peace and war and more. The goal of the project was to focus on creating clothing that was more structural and sculpture-like, rather than forms found in everyday fashion.


I was fortunate enough to attend the Fashion Without Fabric event and I was amazed by the enormous amounts of creativity to say the least. It was an amazing event. The event was completely sold out and the Great Hall was packed to the gills.

20150411_202515When each creation hit the runway, the models strut their stuff. Some released balloons, or tossed glow sticks into the audience to hype up the audience.


20150411_212324Once I got up close to the projects afterwards, I discovered some were made out of plastic trash bags, computer keyboards, pennies, cardboard, tissue paper, and really anything you could imagine- except for fabric.

20150411_205456The amount of talent I saw was inspiring. If you didn’t get the chance to grab a ticket to the show before they sold out or weren’t sure what the event was about, I highly suggest you check it out next year. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

20150411_205832Congratulations to all of the 3D Design students who worked hard on their Fashion Without Fabric Projects, they were all amazing.

If you’re interested in any of UW-Stout’s art programs, check out


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