UW-Stout Bookstore

Joylin BaranickSo, we all know about UW-Stout’s bookstore, right? Wrong. After asking around campus, I found out that some people have actually never been inside the bookstore! Most people think that it only has UW-Stout-brand clothes and a few supplies. Well, they have way more items in that tiny shop than you’d think.

Ladies, did you know that you can not only buy cute UW-Stout apparel, but also makeup, lotion, phone cases, planners and other useful items?


Gents, the bookstore also has awesome sweatpants, t-shirts, headphones, Frisbees, and mugs- all great for showing your Stout pride. Guys

The bookstore also has supplies for anyone working on art pieces, science projects, and everyone in between.

Our bookstore also has awesome alumni gear and memorabilia for our students who are graduating or have already graduated. All of these also make great last-minute gifts for family members.


And one last perk, they always have sales going on. So next time you’re in the Memorial Student Center, stop by and check it out. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Stay Classy Stout!

Joylin Baranick


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