Annual GSA Drag Show

RyanUW-Stout’s annual amateur drag show was held Wednesday, Oct. 21. Every year the show is coordinated by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and is a collaboration between GSA, the Qube, MSC Event Services and the Involvement Center.

The show is a fundraising event for the GSA. Every dollar that is tipped to the drag queens and kings goes toward the group’s budget. GSA uses that money to put on other special events and bring speakers to campus.


This year’s show was phenomenal, thanks in particular to GSA’s events coordinator, Jacob Doherty. I had the opportunity to speak with the man behind the show.

Q: How many months of work do you think you put into this?

Jacob Doherty, GSA Events Coordinator
Jacob Doherty, GSA Events Coordinator

A: I made the first reservation for the room in July, and started recruiting performers. So I would say it was about three and a half months of work.

Q: What does the drag show mean to you?

A: I see the drag show as really important to people because it lets them express themselves in ways they normally can’t. It is also a very fun event that GSA and UW-Stout look forward to, to help support the LGBTQIA+ community and to help to diversify UW-Stout’s campus.

Q: What was your favorite part of the drag show?

A: My favorite part of the drag show was seeing everyone’s reactions during it. I got to see the whole ballroom get incredibly engaged and enjoy their time.

Q: How much money was raised and what is it being used for?

A: All $674 that was raised is going towards GSA and our yearly budget.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the spring drag show.




All photos courtesy of event photographers Allison Garrett, Laura Steiner, and Hilde Bakken


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