TEDx UW-Stout

BDDPhotosBenTED talks are one of my favorite ways to kill time. They are interesting, funny, and informative. I always find something fascinating to watch when browsing their catalog of videos. So, when I heard that TEDx was coming to UW-Stout I was more than excited.

The atmosphere of the event was a very “TED” like. The Great Hall was set up with the familiar red dot in the middle of the stag and background sign that proclaimed TEDx UW-STOUT.


Over the course of the night, seven speakers took their turns showing us some of the important issues they’ve dedicated their lives to. Their presentations, in turn, taught us a little about our world and ourselves.

Tedx Stage

I feel fortunate to have been able to attend an event like this in person. It created an entire experience being there instead of simply watching someone speak about spatial locking while I am lounging with my laptop.


A special thanks to the TEDx UW-Stout student design team!
Front: Sara Westman, Back, left to right: Alex Geller, Andrew benson, Tiffany Suen, Keller Grimmer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos courtesy of TEDx UW-Stout Design Team


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