Support Theatre While Enjoying the Show for Free

Allison Take2The Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts is a beautiful building, located in downtown Menomonie, with a rich history. I had the privilege and honor of being inside the grand, castlelike building Thursday, Nov. 12, for University Theatre’s production of Antigone. The play is a classic Greek tragedy and was beautifully performed, with some impressive monologues by the actors and actresses. Great show everybody.

Antigone2015 (8 of 86)

University Theatre puts on a production every semester, so if you are at all interested in showcasing your talents on stage, this is the niche for you. However, if you don’t have the time in your busy college schedule to be in a production and you still want to support UW-Stout theater, you can volunteer your time by ushering at a performance.

I’ve ushered for productions since my first year at UW-Stout four years ago. Ushering is a great way to support theater, and an awesome perk is that you get to see the show for free. They are always looking for volunteers. You can sign up to volunteer online at or get in contact with Paul Calenberg, director of University Theatre.

Allison Theatre

Ushering is a relatively easy job; your responsibilities include showing up about a half hour before the theater doors open, greeting guests, handing out programs, showing them to their seats, closing the doors as the show starts and picking up discarded programs after the performance. I highly recommend it.


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