Staying active at UW-Stout

Allison Take2Many of the habits that you create right now are the ones that will stick with you throughout the rest of your life. For that reason, your college years are an important time to stay active, eat healthy, have a good sleep schedule and take care of your mental as well as physical health.  

UW-Stout offers many different activities and sports to choose from. My advice: pick something that interests you, works within your schedule and fits your level of ability and go for it.

paddle boarding.jpg

I personally enjoy rock climbing at Stout Adventures, doing yoga at group fitness classes, playing intramural volleyball, going for the occasional jog or run with my roommate and participating in special events throughout the year. 

Just last week, I attended the event called Crate Stacking at Stout Adventures. The goal is to stack milk crates on top of each other as you climb up them. The stacker places his or her feet inside the handle holes of the milk crate. The challenge is to place the next crate on top of the stack and then climb up the next one without losing balance and sending the stack of crates tumbling down.


There are many other options available through University Recreation. For example, you can schedule sessions with a personal trainer, attend a fitness class or get a group of friends together and create an intramural team.

Just remember, find something that interests you and make it routine. If you love adventure trying new things and being outdoors Stout Adventures is your place to go. If you like the comfort of a group, team sports or group workout classes are probably more your style.


Either way, find something that gets your blood pumping and do it.


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