Band Interview: Night Moves and Carroll


Night moves and carroll

Night Moves (left) and Carroll (right)

Annalise MarkI sat down with the bands Night Moves and Carroll, part of this week’s Thursday Night Out concert series, brought to campus by Blue Devil Productions. Night Moves and Carroll had a lot to say about how their bands came to be, what they’ve experienced, and their spirit animals.

First Up: Carroll

Charlie, the man on the drums in Carroll, explains how Carroll got its start. “Me and Max (guitarist) were kind of playing in this bar band and we didn’t really like what we were doing very much. I mean, it was fun, but we wanted to do something more creative fulfilling. And then one day at like, a community rec center in Minneapolis, we saw Brian (singer, guitarist, keyboard player) doing like a solo set where he stripped all of the keys off of a keyboard and was using the space bar to trigger samples, and playing guitar and singing.”

Night Moves

Charlie continues, “And we were very captivated by it. Max and I didn’t confer, like we didn’t ask if he wants to make a band. We both, behind each other’s back, separately asked [Brian]- Ha! Brian was writing some of the songs that became our first EP before any of us were involved.”

Charles, the bass player, commented, “Meanwhile, I was biding my time elsewhere, waiting to be summoned. It was a grand summoning if you will.”


The band members of Carroll were all brought together from different parts of the country to attend Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. Max from Philadelphia, Brian from Seattle, Charles from Lincoln, Nebraska; also, Charlie from New York.

The guys have developed their own terms to describe their touring. Brian mentions, “We’ve been on a lot of tours and we’re continuing to do that. Right now, we’re on like a four day [tour]- we call it a jaunt.” Charlie jumps in, “A mini jaunt really.” Everyone laughs as Brian continues, “Yeah, we’re half a show short of a jaunt. But yeah, we’ve toured a lot. We’re going back to SXSW in March, so we’re going to be leaving Philly, which is where most of us are based and playing Atlanta and New Orleans for the first time.”


One of the perks of touring is getting a sample of food from everywhere. Max chimes in, “Some of the food we get to eat is amazing. I mean, some of the food we get to eat is the worst food on this planet, but some of it is amazing.” Brian comments, “You aren’t aware of it. Like you’ll be driving all day, you don’t really have that much to focus on -you’re hungry- so we show up in a city and we’re like ‘Okay, what are we going to eat?’ It becomes a production and sometimes we strike gold.” Max adds, “True gold.”

While you might catch your favorite artists on Twitter, Carroll found a niche in a different social media outlet. Brian laughs, “We actually might be true pioneers in band Yelp pages.” And it is true, you can actually find the bands reviews on Max says, “We Yelp all over the country.” The band reviews restaurants, rest stops, and the occasional Wendy’s.

Carroll Yelp Review Page

Max summarizes, “I might Yelp Brew Devils later.” Brian reassures that they will give a good score.

If you find yourself taking a roadtrip to Austin, Texas, catch Carroll in the six day South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in March. If you’re staying in Menomonie, you can still check out their website to hear what they’re all about.

Up next: The two frontmen of the headliner Night Moves, share their story on how the band formed.

Night Moves WebsiteSinger and guitarist, John, explains, “We formed out of other bands we had in high school.” With some rough patches to follow, the band realized they still wanted to do what they love. John continues, “We wanted to keep playing music, so we kept it up and wanted to get better at it. You know? So, the next effort that we did was put out the Colored Emotions record.” Despite the fact that it had a few years in the making, the guys still had “a desire to play music and write songs that [they] dig,” says John.

Their 70s, cosmic space-rock inspired music has brought them around the country on tours, with places like Montreal and New York, making the top of their lists. One of their favorite parts of touring is playing a sold out show. John comments, “A lot of those sold out shows are mind blowing.” He continues, “I mean, granted we were opening up, but it was pretty cool to be able to be part of that… And have a bunch of people not really know who you are, but then afterwards, a bunch of people come up to you; interested in what you’re doing.”

Emotions turned colorful when I asked the group about their spirit animals.

[Editor’s note: Night Moves have a record titled “Colored Emotions.” You know that if you’re hip enough to listen to bands like Night Moves and Carroll.]

Bass player, Mickey, questioned, “Is there like a chart to find that out? Or do you just guess?”

John: “Ah, I don’t know.”

Mickey: “Definitely a mallard.”

John: “Dude, mallards are like the worst animal out there, they’re so mean.”

Mickey: “Mallards are awesome.”

John: “Dude.”

Mickey: “John’s an oriole.”

John: “A bird?? I’m not a bird. I always thought I was a bear of some sort, but maybe that’s a little too–“

Mickey: “Dude you’re like a Korean moon bear.”

Band member, Charlie jumps in, “That’s too mystical for you.”

Mickey: “ *Charlie appears and starts telling people what their spirit animals are* ”

The guys then turned and asked me what my spirit animal is and then I learned some insight on the process.

Mickey: “You can’t just choose your own spirit animal.”

John: “You have to be told.”

Mickey: “I think like a cool fish.”

Me: “A fish?”

Mickey: “Yeah, like one of the more exotic looking.”

If you want to keep up with the spirit animal experts by day, Night Moves band by night, take a look at their website and give them a listen.

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Take2 at UW-Stout – Jan. 29-Feb. 5, 2016


Samual Weinberg, 2016 Art Grad

“My paintings are imagined situations, or struggles,
dealing with the nature of meaning and knowledge.”


Samual Weinberg’s paintings, with seemingly juxtaposed people and objects, are more beginning than end, virtually begging viewers to engage with them.

Samual’s work will be exposed to wider audiences in 2016, thanks to a $12,000 grant he received recently. The 2013 studio art graduate from UW-Stout is one of five people, of 220 applicants, named as recipients of the Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists.

Read the rest of Samual’s story…

Samual Weinberg's painting

Take2 the Streets: Involvement Fair


Allison Take2I visited the spring Involvement Fair, where students have the chance to meet members of UW-Stout’s many student organizations.

I had the chance to interview representatives from several orgs, including the Stout Events Society, Stout Hand Drumming Club, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Military Science Club and more.

My favorite part of this Take2 the Streets is where we find out how a koala represents swing dancing.

Visit to find your fit on campus!

Chicago trip with Stout Retail

Annalise MarkLast semester, I had the chance to travel to Chicago with the Stout Retail Association (SRA). I’m not a retail major, but I still had a lot of fun exploring Chicago and learning information that was relevant to me as a business major.

Our first stop was the Chicago Fashion Incubator (CFI) where we were given a tour by Trideep Das, CFI’s business director. Later, we were also introduced to Andrea Reynders, CFI’s design director. Both individuals were passionate and interested in helping bring designers’ visions to life.


CFI is all about mentoring a select group of fashion designers for two years at a time; helping them develop their entrepreneurial skills while they develop a clothing line, with the goal of making it retail-worthy. To me, it felt like a rigorous, educational version of what I imagine the show Project Runway to be like, minus the competitive eliminations every week.

macys meeting[1].jpg

They have a really cool program there. I seriously wish I could operate a sewing machine and so I would at least have some chance to experience it. I did meet a CFI student who started out as an accountant, so I suppose anything’s possible! I highly suggest you take a look at their website if anything about CFI sparks your interest. It could be your next big opportunity!

Our next stop was Koastal Konnection, one of the Midwest’s leading clothing wholesalers, located in the Merchandise Mart Plaza. In my business classes, we always learn about the idea distribution channels and how wholesalers fit into the process, but I’ve never been able to visualize wholesalers as brick and mortar businesses. As consumers we  only get to see the retailer, so it was enlightening for me to connect the dots and understand the process more.

koastal connection[1].jpg

The showroom that we crowded into, was only about twice the size of a dorm room. The room it was filled wall to wall with racks sorted and arranged with shirts, dresses, jeans and belts. I wish that room was my closet!

After a lunch break, we headed to our last stop, Groupon Headquarters. The corporate atmosphere was different from anything I could have imagined. A statement from Groupon explains it all. “Plenty of things in life are pretty ho-hum, so we aim to provide an escape from the everyday grind. In our quest to liven things up, we infuse excitement, newness and unpredictability into everything we do- from our offers and shopping experience to our office space and workday.”

groupon office[1].jpg

Yes, there was a giant cat in a giant space ship.

groupon cat[1].jpg

Not really sure the purpose of this particular element, but it’s memorable and funny, so that’s a good enough reason to have it.

They have some swings in the middle of the room.

groupon swings[1].jpg

Also, they have this thing called “The Pit.”


It’s about a three feet deep, by five foot wide tub that looks like a hallowed out tree stump that it’s filled entirely with candy. It was the end of the week, so it was a little low when we got there (understandably).

It’s a way to get people away from their desks and socializing with other employees. One rule: you can’t just grab and go with the candy.

Groupon is a start-up and hasn’t been around for that long, but they’re already making a splash on the retail world. What they do can seem complex, but long story short, they basically bring all of the retail sales and deals together in one place for consumers to take advantage of anywhere in the world.

My next goal based on this tour: get a sales internship at Groupon.

Groupon group[1].jpg

Friday wrapped up nicely. I ate some Chicago style deep dish, did some shopping; along with exploring the city and trying to figure out why the streets outside of our hotel smelled like chocolate chip cookies (I was unsuccessful).

Saturday was a free day and 100 percent of the people who were on the trip used it for shopping. Who could blame them? They’re retail majors, so it only makes sense.

I learned a lot from this trip and I wish it could have been longer, but we made the most of the days that we were there.

Chicago Bean[1].jpg

See ya again soon, Chicago!

And thank you, Stout Retail Association!

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Tips from the Techies

BDDPhotosBenSchool is back in session and it’s busier than ever around campus. Personally, I would callit a good busy. It’s always a pleasant feeling when the university is over run with people. With everyone returning to campus, the Technology Help Desk (formerly known as ASK5000) is experiencing the usual back-to-school rush. To help you out, some of the help desk guys and I are going to give you some tech tips and basic advice to help keep your laptops and gadgets working.

I’m a senior in the computer engineering program with a minor in mathematics and computer science. I’ve been using and fixing computers since I was a small child. Most parents will tell their kids not to play with electronics because they are worried the child would break something. Me? I just waited until my parents left the house to do my tinkering.

The best tech advice I can give to anyone is this: know what you are installing onto your computer. When going through the install process, you’ll be given the chance to verify that you are indeed installing what you thought you downloaded. Take a minute to actually read what you are agreeing to by clicking “Install.”

I do not mean read the pages and pages of end-user agreements or any of that legal

I mean read what add-ons you are installing and ask yourself if you’re getting any “bloatware” (useless programs). Make sure the installation isn’t asking to change your default programs. I absolutely hate it when I do a Java update and all of a sudden there is an new, useless toolbar on my internet browser.

You can prevent these things from happening by reading what you are installing and unchecking the stuff you don’t want.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.35.16 PM.png

I asked some of the workers at the Technology Help Desk what advice they had.
Here’s what they had to say:

Jacob Erickson


What’s your major?

Information technology management.

Best tech advice?

Back up often and turn it off every night. And if you have a problem, turn it off and on again.

How long have you worked at the Help Desk?

A year and a half.

Do you have a favorite technology?

I’ve dabbled a little in Pebble programming, which I think is pretty fun.

If you had a spirit animal what would it be?

Red Panda.


What’s your favorite season?

Winter, because snow is awesome, and so is ice hockey and ice fishing.


Tanner Vass

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.05.08 PM

How long have you worked at the Technology Help Desk?

Two years.

What’s your major?

Information technology management.

What’s your best tech advice?

Try turning it on and off again. Number two is; just google it.

What’s your favorite technology?

Smart phones, I just like the fact that I have an information portal in my pocket at all times.

What’s your spirit animal?

I used to have this decided, but now I can’t even remember any more, so I’m going to have to say Buffalo.

Chase Christensen


How long have you worked at the Technology Help Desk?

I’ve worked here 4 years, I think – ever since I was a sophomore.

What’s your major?

Game design and development with a computer science concentration, and a applied language minor. (He speaks French)

Top tech advice?

Back up everything all the time. People don’t back things up and then they are surprised that things break. But we live in a universe where things wear and tear, you may have noticed that your car gets rustier the longer you drive it. Same idea with your computer; time and age do affect it and we don’t know when it could break.

Favorite technology, what do you say?

Since Tanner went the selfish route I’m going to say the pacemaker. The EKG is also a good one. But if we talk in general, I would say the Internet is a good technology. If you look at how quickly we can learn now, like, if you look at the amount of technology inventioned since the internet came out… It’s cool.

What’s your favorite Season?

I like winter, I guess. I don’t know it’s hard. I think the appeal of the Midwest is that there are more than one season.

Well that’s all I got, if you can think of any other questions you want to answer?

Think of questions for me to interview myself? Isn’t that kind of your job?

Well yes.


Logan Graham

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.01.21 PM

How long have you worked at the Technology help desk?

Since my freshmen year here at Stout, three years total.

What’s your major?

Psychology with a minor in cognitive neuroscience.

Top tech advice?

Google things before you decide to ask; you can learn so much by Googling your questions. Otherwise, don’t install sketchy programs or go to sketchy sites.

If you had a favorite technology what would it be?

I like PC’s. Being able to connect to the Internet is awesome. You have so much information at your fingertips.

If you had a spirit animal what would it be? You don’t have to explain it.

let me search internally real quick….. *Long pause* *Logan whispers* There are over 9000.. *normal volume* Vegeta? I don’t know maybe a monkey. My curiosity gets the better of me sometimes.


Do you have a favorite season?

Anything that’s not winter.

Ben Nelson


How long have you worked at the Technology Help Desk? 

Almost a year and a half now.

What’s your major?

ICT (Information and communications technologies) with an emphasis on computer networking.

What is your number one tech advice you would give someone who is not technology inclined?

Google and YouTube everything first. There is always a how-to on the Internet. There is always documentation. Don’t go to your people before you do any research.

Do you have favorite technology?

Ignoring phones because I’m guessing everyone will say phone, I like Bluetooth headsets. They are really nice especially if you’re working out.

So… do you lift weights often?

No. Very lazy.

What is your favorite season?

Definitely summer. Got to go scuba diving.

You scuba dive?


That’s cool.

I know.

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Blue Devil Productions: An Inside Look


RyanOn Monday I attended the general meeting for Blue Devil
Productions (BDP) to learn more about the organization. I found myself really enjoying my time there and having a lot of fun. After the meeting, I met with Anna Haggerty to ask some more questions about BDP.

My interview with BDP

Meeting BDP T2

Anna Haggerty T2

Anna Haggerty; junior in graphic design and interactive media; BDP music director


What is BDP’s goal or mission statement?

The goal of BDP is to provide fun campus entertainment for on and off campus students and community members. We also strive to offer safe and fun alternative activities for students.

Who are BDP and what do you do?

BDP is a group of 10 board members and volunteer members. Our job is to create events, book acts, promote the acts, make sure the events run smoothly and survey the students for ideas and opinions about future events.

We plan and run the free movies, comedy shows and concerts. On top of the weekly entertainment, we also plan the (student) homecoming events and help come up with the theme. We also team up with other organizations to put on other big events.

Why should students get involved with BDP?

BDP is a family, you make really close friends and we have a blast. It’s also another fun way to become involved with music and provide a fun time for others.

How can students become involved with BDP?

Everyone is welcome to come to our general meetings every Monday at 6 p.m. in the Birchwood Room of the Memorial Student Center. You can also check out our website and social media accounts and come to our events.

Meeting2 BDP T2

How does BDP benefit the students at Stout?

We provide campus entertainment for everyone in the community, and it’s a short escape for anyone stressing over classes or in need of a break from homework. It’s also a great time to meet new people and to create a more diverse group of friends.

Are there any big events coming up this semester?

There are a bunch of really exciting events happening this semester. On February 9th, Kel Mitchel from Nickelodeon and the Good Burger (movie) will be here for a standup comedy show. That will take place in the Great Hall of the MSC at 8 p.m. There will be a big EDM concert in the Great Hall on February 18th at 8 p.m., featuring JACKAL. Also, on April 22nd at 6 and 9 p.m., there will be a showing of the new Star Wars movie in Applied Arts 210. 

If you are interested in learning more about BDP or want to become a member of this amazing organization on campus, go to any of these information sites:



Snapchat: bdpstout

BDP Website:

Meetings: Mondays at 6 p.m. in the Birchwood Room in the Memorial Student Center

Or email

Night Moves – Jan. 28

Kell Mitchell – Feb. 9th

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Your first week back on campus

Annalise MarkIt’s surprising that no matter how many times you’ve been through your first week of classes, you still get the nerves, fret about what you’re going to wear (at least I do) and hope you don’t end up in a physics class when you should be in an art class. Luckily, I crossed all of the T’s and counted my steps correctly enough, over and over, so that I didn’t break my first day luck streak and end up in the wrong class. 

In honor of the first day back, here are…

Seven thoughts you’ll have during your first week back on campus

1.) You know what kind of semester it will be when the professor tells you to bring coffee to class as if it’s a required class material.

Coffee meme

2.) You wonder what the squirrels have been up to while you were gone. You might even take the time to smile and wave at the first one you see.

3.) You walk into a class for the first time and recognize a few lab partners from last semester. You know it will be either a magical reunion or an extremely awkward semester…depending on how fast you can remember their names. 

download (1)

4.) You realize that your Baseline/Flexline has been granted another life almost overnight. Now you can buy muffins and coffee like they’re going out of style and not worry about it… for a while at least.

5.) For the really organized people: you’re excited about your fresh notebooks, planners and calendars and you feel like you can conquer the world with them.


6.) For the not-so-organized people: you have your syllabi, you know when your finals are. The rest will work itself out. 

7.) You’re excited to be back at UW-Stout with friends, start new classes and accomplish new goals… goals like binge-watching all seven seasons of Parks and Rec.

Parks and rec.PNG

 Can you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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