Band Interview: Frankie Teardrop  

Annalise MarkThe Minneapolis-based rock and roll band Frankie Teardrop, whose music is infused with sounds of pop; includes guitar player Dan, Jack on the bass; Connor on the drums, and front man Jordan. The band performed at UW-Stout last night at the Terrace in the Memorial Student Center as the headliner of this week’s Thursday Night Music Series, brought to campus by Blue Devil Productions.

Frankie Teardrop 1.jpg

Frankie Teardrop has been playing shows for about two years now. Jordan comments, “I can’t believe it sometimes. It’s sort of a long time to do a thing like this. It’s really fun and we do it because it’s fun.” Jordan admits that it can be hard to make a living as a musician, but says he and his bandmates “play for the love of the game, ya know.”

The guys reminisced on how they all ended up together. Jordan explains, “Sometimes it’s me- it started just as me and then these guys joined.” Jordan continues, “Then there was another drummer, and we’ve had a couple different drummers, [so] Connor’s new to the band.”

Jordan describes Frankie Teardrop as a “fluid identity,” as if all four band members morph into one. At this point, Connor jumps in and remembers his first memories of Frankie Teardrop, “I saw them right out of college and I fell in love.” Connor had been a big fan of the band, attended shows and networked his way into becoming part of it. Connor made sure to add, “I’m actually not creepy.”

Jordan summarizes what the band enjoys the most about what they do. “I love to just play the shows- everywhere. That’s the best part. You get to play every single night- it’s awesome! Going back to cities we’ve been to and made friends, hangout with these people for a night.” The band enjoys being part of peoples’ weekend plans.

Frankie Teardrop 2.jpg

Shark vs. Bear

Next up, the guys next chime in on who they think would win in a fight: a shark or a bear.

Jordan: “Shark”

Dan: “I have like a really big fear of sharks. They just disturb me. Their whole body is just a huge disgusting, killing muscle. It just looks so gross and strong.”

Connor: “They’re like engineered, natural predators.”

Dan: “They’re demons of the sea.”

Connor follows up with an in-depth flashback of an encounter with sharks while on a family trip to Hawaii, which puts their immediate answer of sharks into perspective.

Me: What if the fight was on land?

Jordan: “I’m still going to say sharks, man.”

Jack: “Regardless of where I am, if I see a shark, my first instinct is not going to be to get closer.”

Jordan: “Bears probably realize that too.”

Jack: “I just saw The Revenant and I’ll still give it to the shark.”

Jordan: “Oh, I still want to see that.”

(Note: Frankie Teardrop needs a date to the movies this weekend.)

To conclude the interview, Jordan adds, “I love getting to play shows. I love college people, students at college.” Jordan then also offers up some life advice. “In general, just be nice to your fellow humans. You got into the world, so try and pack something into the stream of life and be a nice person. Be of service to your fellow creature, be unselfish.”

Frankie Teardrop thanks UW-Stout, along with Blue Devil Productions for hosting.

Frankie Teardrop cubbie.jpg12418909_10153977101791757_5558162115228876823_o.jpg

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