BDDPhotosBenAnother PONG LAN has come and gone, leaving only one left for this semester. For those who do not know, PONG is the Peoples Organization of Network Gaming. Essentially, they offer a time and space for everyone on campus to participate in giant gaming sessions. “LAN” is an acronym for local area network or, a group of computers networked directly together.

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This last LAN was The Forever-a-LAN, (a play on the popular “Forever Alone” meme) since it landed on Valentine’s day.  But I can tell you, nobody was alone at the LAN this weekend. The Memorial Student Center’s Great hall and Ballrooms were bustling with people to play with and compete against, and new friends to meet.

Setting up your spot at a LAN is always one of the more exciting times for me, because it is at this moment that I learn who the actual people are that I will be sitting with for the next 48 hours. You can always plan ahead to sit with your current gaming buddies, but it’s also great to meet new people and make new friends.

LAN Dorks.jpg

The PONG LAN always features a variety of gaming tournaments and every one of them is fun to participate in. Even when I enter a contest for a game I have never played before, I have a blast.

At the most recent LAN, my favorite moment was playing War Thunder with a group of people who just happened to have seats around mine. We didn’t know each other before the LAN and we hadn’t plan on playing together, but we had a great time doing so.


There is one more LAN coming up this semester, The signup for seating has yet to open, so keep an eye out for it on PONG’s Facebook page. Hopefully, I can see you all on the battlefield.

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