UW-Stout’s New Performing Arts Minor

Eric KrauseIf you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, UW-Stout has a new performing arts minor. If you took part in band, choir or theatre in high school, you might want to take a look.

The minor has a minimum requirement of eighteen credits. The first set of courses has a three-credit minimum and are repeatable courses. It includes band, choir, and forensic classes.


The lower division course has a nine-credit minimum of classes that are focused on the academics of music. This includes classes such as history of rock, fundamentals of music, and music in media.

Finally, the upper division courses require six credits. The upper division has classes such as music theory, digital sound studio and contemporary theatre.

I talked to student Anna Gaede, a student pursuing the performing arts minor, and she said “The whole purpose of college is preparation, and the performance art minor can give you good skills to have for the future.” She then went on to speak about how this minor pushes you to think creatively, and practice good time management skills.

I also spoke with band director Aaron Durst who said “There are many students who want to learn more about the performance arts, but do not want to make it their prime focus of their study. Instead, this minor allows them to engage in the performance arts in a way of enhancing their major.”



The performing arts minor interests me a lot. I’m someone who has a deep love of music, and also enjoys performing on stage (as long as there’s a saxophone in my hands). I plan on being in the Blue Devil Jazz orchestra for quite some time, so adding a few more credits won’t be difficult. I highly suggest the minor to anyone already taking some of the classes required for the minor, because the extra courses you’ll have to take to complete the minor should still be a lot of fun.

If your at all interested in the performing arts minor, you can email the minor adviser Jerry Hui at huic@uwstout.edu for more information.

Until next time, I’ll see you at rehearsal!

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