Kevin Breel: Comedian, Mental Health Advocate

Andrew KleiberKevin Breel, a comedian, writer and mental health advocate, was on campus Tuesday night to speak about mental health. The Counseling Center held the free event in the Memorial Student Center Great Hall.

Kevin spoke about his experiences with depression and how he handled his situation. His story is truly moving and gives hope to anyone battling not just depression, but any mental illness. He is well known for hisTED talk called “Confessions of a Depressed Comic.”

Being a part of a diverse community means that we’re all likely to at least interact with someone with a mental illness, whether it’s depression, anxiety, eating disorder or addiction. So I asked Kevin what advice he had for someone dealing with a mental illness.

“To start, you have to be honest and be able to talk about it. After that it’s just figuring out what help looks like to you. For some people its counseling or exercise. For other people it’s getting together with close friends for conversation. It’s different for everyone, but I just think that finding a way to connect to something or to other people is really healthy.”


Kevin put on a great job show. He, in turn, had a some good things to say about his audience. “Everyone was so positive and kind. They really connected to my show and were so honest and open. And that’s the kind of thing that keeps me moving forward.”


The Counseling Center welcomes any student who would like some help or guidance and their services are free to enrolled students. Their number is (715) 232-2468. They are located in Bowman Hall and host other events throughout the year. You can check them out online at

See you next time Stout!



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