3rd Annual Qubies Gayla

Ryan BallweberOn Thursday, I attended the 3rd annual Qubies Gayla with my beautiful friend, Gabi. The Gayla is a banquet, dance, and award show devoted to honoring members and advocates of the LGBTQIA+ community. The event is put on by the LGBTQIA+ resource center known as the Qube and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA).

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.21.27 PM.png

The night started with a walk down the rainbow road, where there were red carpet-style photos being taken of all of the attendees. There was an amazing meal sponsored by University Catering. The real show began after dinner with the award ceremony.

The “Qubie” is awarded toLGBTQIA+ community members and allies who have made great contributions over the past year. Congratulations to the winners!

Qubie Awards and Winners

Fantastic Freshman

Brandon Schmidt

Faculty Ally of the Year

Markie Twist

Housing Ally of the Year

Meg Jenny

LGBTQIA+ Friendly Org of the Year

Peer Health Educaters

Qubie of the Year

Molly Harvey

Debra Davis Award for Transgender Advocacy

Gabbie Allee

Undergraduate of the Year

Sam Heutmaker

Staff Ally of the Year

Richard Lundequam (Custodial)

Community Ally of the Year

The Bridge to Hope

GSA Member of the Year

Hailee Nelson-Duranceau

Qube Staff of the Year

Tamara Pribnow

Outstanding Bisexual/Pansexual Advocate

Hailee Nelson-Duranceau

The Griesbach Award for Excellence in LGBTQIA+ Advocacy

Molly Harvey & De’Andre Jones


Fellow peers, Hailee Nelson-Duranceau, Ian Eltringham, and Jarena Everson gave breathtaking performances between awards.

Once all of the awards were given out, and all the recipients gave their acceptance speeches, the dance began. The dance was DJ-ed by Adam Ludwig, a former UW-Stout hall director. The rest of the night was full of dancing, laughing and good times with great people.


For more information about LGBTQIA+ resources on campus:

Visit the Gender and Sexuality portal on orgsync.

The Qube in Merle Price Commons.

Contact Julie Miller, LGBTQIA+ resource coordinator on campus.

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Take2 at UW-Stout – March 25

Here are the registration links we mentioned:

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Hannah Kuisle

A UW-Stout senior has good reason to update her resume and consider a career in the advertising industry.

Hannah Kuisle, from Rochester, Minn., created an advertising campaign that took Best in Show in the student division of the recent Minnesota Ad Fed contest in Minneapolis. She also received a Gold Award.

Kuisle, majoring in graphic design and interactive media, created the campaign in a fall Advertising Design class taught by Professor Nagesh Shinde.

SingleSpread2.png“I was super pumped to win the award. It’s a pretty big deal in the advertising community. It was humbling to see my name next to a bunch of top notch advertising agencies in the Twin Cities. It also is reassuring to know this is a niche in the graphic design world I could potentially be good at,” she said.

Kuisle created a concept advertising campaign, including indoor, outdoor and social media ads, for an existing company, Next Big Sound. The company provides analytics for online music providers, such as Pandora and Spotify.

“My intent with the campaign is to bring insight to the connection between music and social media and to the impact that it has on society and the future of an artist,” Kuisle said.

Many of her ads from the campaign feature well-known singers. One print ad shows Taylor Swift with the wording, “The music industry isn’t dying. The old way of doing things is.”

A video ad created by Kuisle, using Internet clips, features various people lip synching to the Swift song, “Shake it Off.” To see the video and other aspects of the ad campaign, go to her website.

“The concept of the video was to show how the song became even more popular when people started making their own videos to the song — the power of streaming and sharing, basically,” Kuisle said.

Kuisle is thankful for the guidance provided by Shinde. “I couldn’t have done it without him. He really pushed me and this campaign to where it is today,” she said.

The Advertising Federation of Minnesota, or Ad Fed, is a professional trade association. It was founded in 1906. The contest was judged by regional advertising professionals.

Watch Hannah’s commercial for The Big Next Sound:

Story and photos courtesy of UW-Stout News Bureau


Spring is the “purrfect” time to volunteer

BDDPhotosBenSpring already has one foot in the door. I, just like many of you, want to get out and start getting active again. However, deciding just what to do can be tough. Having fun while finding some way to support a good cause is a great way to go.

Volunteering around town is a good way to feel connected to the community. If you’re a new college student coming here from another part of the state, country or world, it can be a good way to learn more about where you’ll be spending the next couple years of your life.

Personally, I love animals. Seeing them always puts a smile on my face, so if I have my first pick where I would put in some volunteer time, it would be helping out at an animal shelter. Conveniently for all animal lovers in Menomonie, there is a shelter not far from campus.


The Dunn County Humane Society is located at 302 Brickyard Road Menomonie WI. This wonderful place just got renovated and is within walking distance to the west of town. They are always looking for volunteers and are a fantastic group of people. They ask that anyone who wants to volunteer takes a class so you know what’s expected of you. The next class they have coming up is March 21. I’m definitely going to be there.

When I visited the shelter, I got to meet one of their amazing cats, and let me tell you, they are beautiful balls of energy. The cat’s name was Lucky and he is extremely excited to see people. When the worker took Lucky out of his cage, he instantly climbed onto the worker’s shoulders and made himself at home. I could tell this was a normal occurrence. While Lucky was perched upon his shoulders, the worker began to tell me the story of how Lucky came to the shelter.


Lucky was not quite a year old when they got him. He had been hurt in the face (probably from a cat-fight) and his mouth was really banged up. He was rushed to the veterinarian for surgery. They removed his bottom teeth and stitched his wounds up without any problems. Fortunately, Lucky has recovered phenomenally. Even though he has had a hard life up to arriving at the shelter, he is still positive and looking for his new home.

The Animal shelter currently has 80 cats and 12 dogs. They need as many volunteers as they can get to socialize with the cats and take the dogs for walks. They even have cool separate rooms now, where you can spend one-on-one time with the cat you’re brushing and petting.

photo5.jpgThe animal shelter will allow a volunteer to be there for up to 2 hours a day, they do not have you sign up for any schedules — you go whenever you can. I can tell from the conversations I had with them they highly value their volunteers. Volunteering is supposed to be about selflessly giving back, but when you feel so appreciated for what you are doing while getting to spend time with such wonderful animals, I can’t see any reason not to help them out.

See you at the shelter, Stout!

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Allison Take2Hey Stouties! This past Saturday, one of my all-time favorite events happened on campus: Rockfest. Rockfest is Stout Adventure’s annual rock climbing competition. It is part of the state-wide climbing series WICS, the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series.

One thing that makes our event is unique is that the event is entirely planned by the student staff of Stout Adventures. My staff and I choose theme, work with the marketing department to create posters and t-shirts, solicit donations, decorate, set the climbing routes, and belay climbers all day long.

The theme of our competition this year was Stout Wars. We had lots of fun, Star Wars-themed decorations all around, as well as route names including, “Use the Force, Luke”, “Climb, You Must,” and “Never Tell Me the Odds.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All climbers had a great day of climbing and the event went smoothly.

Climbers are divided up into six categories: Men’s and Women’s advanced, intermediate, and beginner. Each climber is given a scorecard with all the routes on it, each with an assigned point value. Climbers then have four hours to climb as many routes as they want and they receive points once they have completed the route without falling.

At the end of the four hours, the top four scores of each climber’s completed routes are totaled up, and ranked against everyone else in their division.

After the results have been tallied, the climax of our event begins: finals. The top three finalists in both the men’s and women’s advanced category climb an advanced route. Each competitor climbs one at a time, with the whole crowd watching and cheering them on.

IMG_1942 (1).jpg


Congratulations to all of the finalist and division winners! And a huge shout out to all of the amazing staff and climbers at Stout Adventures for making my last Rockfest memorable!

IMG_1953.jpgKeep on climbing, Stout!

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Meet Dr. Buffenstein, HFC Regular

Andrew KleiberWhat’s up Stout? If you’re looking for a great place to work out and get a good lift in, look no further than UW-Stout’s Health and Fitness Center. Their hours are Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can purchase a Fitness Membership for $130, or you can just buy a day pass for $5.

The workout environment is ideal for any kind of lifting you want to do. They have platforms and weights for those who like to get their muscles as big as possible, and they also have ample amounts of cardio machines for those focused on fitness. The Health and Fitness Center also has TVs in front of the cardio machines just in case you pay attention to something other than your legs burning!

I interviewed Sam Demou, a friend of mine on his hobby of weight lifting. He regularly goes to the fitness center to work out.


What are the benefits and drawbacks of lifting?

Sam: To me, it’s just about feeling good about myself. I think that weight lifting makes you a lot happier. The main drawback is finding the time. When I was in high school, I would focus on my weight lifting. I would go out of my way to get a lift in and that would take up a lot of time I could’ve spent with my family. Now I’ve learned to just lift when I can and not to focus on it too much.

What’s your daily routine or lift schedule?

Sam: I try to mix my schedule up ever four to six weeks just to stay away from plateauing. Currently I do chest and shoulder one day, back and abs the next, then legs, and then arms. I also try to run when I can.

Weight Room1.jpg

I’ve heard everyone has nicknames around here, so what’s yours?

Sam: I’m pretty well known as Dr. Buffinstein. That’s what they call me back home.


You can see Dr. Buffinstein and many other students getting big, doing crossfit, or just getting a good run in here at UW-Stout’s Health and Fitness Center.

Get fit Stout!

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