UW-Stout Ride Share

Ryan BallweberSomething that I didn’t know existed here at the UW-Stout is the community of ride sharing. There are two different places you can go to to find a ride home. One of these places is the Stout Ride Share page on Facebook. The other place to go for a ride share is the university’s official ride share page.

Over the weekend I used the ride share Facebook page to get a ride to Milwaukee and back. Getting a ride was very simple.


I followed these steps:

1) Join the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s ride share page on Facebook.


2) Respond/comment to a posting in the area you want to go

3) Set up a meeting place and time

4) Enjoy your ride!

5) Pay the driver for gas

I have to admit, I had a lot of doubt about the ride share and how useful it would be. My experience was actually really nice. I sent a personal Facebook message to Jacey, a student who was driving to and from Milwaukee.

Jam Sesh.jpg

We decided to meet at 4 pm outside my dorm and drove together all the way to Milwaukee. We had a lot of fun, we talked a lot and jammed out to some music. It was also very cheap compared to having to take a bus or driving alone.

I only used the Facebook page but there is also an official ride share sponsored by the university. If you are interested in going that route to find a ride, follow this link: https://www.uwstoutrideshare.com/public/home.aspx

Once you get to this page, click “get started” and you can set up your account.

Official Stout Ride Share.JPG

See you on the road, Stout!

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