Dunn Rite Woodworks

Allison Take2As a senior, I am in classes that many students dread their whole collegiate career: practicums. As a business administration major, the class that I am taking to fulfill my practicum is Manufacturing Enterprise Practicum, or MEP for short. When I first signed up for this course, I was pretty nervous about how much work and stress it would be.

However, after my first day of class, many of my fears were alleviated and I became really excited about it. Overall, this class is about is developing, creating, and putting a product into production. In short, we’re charged with creating an entire business venture from scratch.

Our class was divided up into five small groups. We were assigned the task of generating a ideas for a product that we would eventually manufacture and sell. Each group then selected their best idea and created an actual prototype which we presented to the class. Our presentations included production costs, materials required, production plans, and market analysis.


Next, the entire class voted on which product they wanted to put into full production and sell. I was extremely proud and super excited when my product idea got the most number of votes! And so Dunn Rite Woodworks was born. You can check us out at our Facebook page.


My group’s product is a wooden Wisconsin-shaped picture frame. It is a 4×6 picture frame made from cherry wood, available in a light or dark stain. It’s available with a laser-engraving of the UW-Stout logo and a star over Menomonie, or left plain without engraving. This is makes a great gift for students and alumni alike as a way to remember some of the great times you’ve had in this state.


This class has been an amazing opportunity to put all the skills that I have developed throughout my career at UW-Stout to use in the creating a complete business venture.

See you next time, Stout!


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2 thoughts on “Dunn Rite Woodworks

  1. I did that class in 1995. We made wooden shelves. I was the top seller.
    I still have mine after all these years mounted in my daughters room


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