Allison Take2Hey Stouties! This past Saturday, one of my all-time favorite events happened on campus: Rockfest. Rockfest is Stout Adventure’s annual rock climbing competition. It is part of the state-wide climbing series WICS, the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series.

One thing that makes our event is unique is that the event is entirely planned by the student staff of Stout Adventures. My staff and I choose theme, work with the marketing department to create posters and t-shirts, solicit donations, decorate, set the climbing routes, and belay climbers all day long.

The theme of our competition this year was Stout Wars. We had lots of fun, Star Wars-themed decorations all around, as well as route names including, “Use the Force, Luke”, “Climb, You Must,” and “Never Tell Me the Odds.”

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All climbers had a great day of climbing and the event went smoothly.

Climbers are divided up into six categories: Men’s and Women’s advanced, intermediate, and beginner. Each climber is given a scorecard with all the routes on it, each with an assigned point value. Climbers then have four hours to climb as many routes as they want and they receive points once they have completed the route without falling.

At the end of the four hours, the top four scores of each climber’s completed routes are totaled up, and ranked against everyone else in their division.

After the results have been tallied, the climax of our event begins: finals. The top three finalists in both the men’s and women’s advanced category climb an advanced route. Each competitor climbs one at a time, with the whole crowd watching and cheering them on.

IMG_1942 (1).jpg


Congratulations to all of the finalist and division winners! And a huge shout out to all of the amazing staff and climbers at Stout Adventures for making my last Rockfest memorable!

IMG_1953.jpgKeep on climbing, Stout!

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