BDP’s Triple Threat Week of Events

Blue Devil Production’s tagline of “music, comedy, films” was met to a “T “this week as BDP provided a sweet slice of everything. The events kicked off on Wednesday, with Matt Bellassai from Buzzfeed; the indie bands Portage with Porch Knights on Thursday; and also tonight with the campus premiere of Pixar’s, The Good Dinosaur.

Let’s do a quick recap of what’s happened so far:

The Buzzfeed star of “Whine About It”: Matt Bellassai

On Wednesday night, the Great Hall in the MSC was packed. When I say every seat was filled, I literally mean every single seat. The show was sold out with 807 people traveling from near and far, eagerly anticipating the Buzzfeed man on campus.


As part of the BDP team, my job was to greet people and scan tickets at the door. That was insane. It all went so fast, but looking back now, it felt like about 95 percent of the attendees all showed up at the same time. In fact I think they actually did! I can summarize the experience as not only seeing our hard work pay off, but fully experiencing the result of our hard work by being able to smile and greet everyone who bought a ticket to support the event, the artist, and or our organization.

Anyway, the show could not have gone any better. The room was constantly erupting with laughter as Matt told stories we could all relate to. The conversation was facilitated by one of UW-Stout’s own, Eric Huse, the current President of Stout Student Association.


I want to thank everyone who made this event a success, including the BDP brains behind the operation, Annalecia Vallafskey; the entire BDP exec board, street team and advisor, Emily Ascher; not to mention, the MSC building managers and staff, the Event Technology Crew, and the folks with university ticketing. Thank you to everyone who came!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.08.22 PM.png

Headliner Portage, with help from the Porch Knights.


The perfect way to recover from a crazy night of Bellassai was to listen to some chill indie music from Portage and Porch Knights. When I’m not volunteering, my favorite thing is to go to these Thursday night shows and grab a nice comfy spot in a booth that’s in perfect view of the stage; so that I can tune into the action, while still plugging away at homework.

Tonight: The Good Dinosaur

According to movie reviews, The Good Dinosaur is Pixar’s best film yet. If you think about it, that’s really saying a lot! Fortunately, you can still catch it on a big screen tonight (April 1) in Applied Arts, room 210 at either 6 or 9 pm.

Grab some snacks and your footie pajamas and I’ll see you there!

Don’t know what the movie is about? Check out the movie trailer!

Have a great weekend, Stout!

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