Yes! I’m a Feminist!

Shannon HoytOn Thursday, April 7, UW-Stout’s Women and Gender Studies program held their first ever “Yes! I’m a Feminist!” The fundraiser, hosted by the Raw Deal, will help provide more opportunities for students minoring in the program.

Cultivated by Glenda Jones, associate professor of English, the occasion presented a chance for local feminists and community members to connect and communicate. Coinciding perfectly with Women’s History Month, the fundraiser and celebration offered an evening of feminism, food and music featuring QuinnElizabeth.


With a successful turn out, the administrators hope to make “Yes! I’m a Feminist!” an annual event.


Budget Cuts and Donations

With external factors prompting people to find other means of support, Tina Lee, Kate Thomas, Glenda Jones and other program administrators were determined to keep their minor afloat.

“Essentially what happened is funding for administrative support, travel and supplies for the Women and Gender Studies program was cut,” said Associate Professor of Anthropology, Tina Lee.

However, donations were plentiful during the event. According to Emily Wermund, the Foundation’s Board of Directors would match UW-Stout faculty and staff contributions of $125 or more.


Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies was intended to better educate students on gender and women’s experience as of importance to the traditional college curriculum.

“The minor really just aims to help students have a perspective of how much gender really impacts our lives, our work, impacts science, impacts pretty much everything,” added Lee.

The minor offers a new outlook on sexuality, gender identity and fluidity. Lee and other program administrators hope to ingrain feminism as it pertains to all students in all areas of education.

“Feminism is something that everybody can be proud of, and it’s really just the working towards equality for all people,” said Lee.

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