5 Things You Need to Know About the Science Olympiad National Tournament Coming to Menomonie this May

Authored by Olivia Ness, and Rachel Hallgrimson; students in Assistant Professor Kate Edenborg’s ENGL 407: Seminar in Applied Journalism class in the professional communications and emerging media program.

Video games. Designer apparel. You guessed it, UW-Stout is at it again with their ‘polytechnic’ edge.

If you know about UW-Stout’s ‘polytechnic’ promise, you know that the university takes it seriously. One piece of proof is that campus will be hosting the Science Olympiad National Tournament on campus this spring, from May 18 through 21. This is a pretty big deal. The UW-Stout campus will be crawling with a smart, young generation that loves science.

People of Menomonie, don’t fret. Just because it’s a national event doesn’t mean the community can’t be a part of it. Certainly the community is ‘owed one’ because of the added traffic during those five days.

For those who are curious about how UW-Stout will be involved in the event, here are five interesting facts about the National Science Olympiad Tournament that every community member of Menomonie should know about.

1.) People of all ages can come to the tournament. There won’t only be thousands of high schoolers wreaking havoc on Menomonie for nearly a week. There are parents and family members, too. Of course, these families will become stir crazy staying on campus, so they’ll be checking out Wakanda Park, the Mabel Tainter Theater, and more. Look out for crowds of people wandering around town that weekend. We all know they’ll also check out the antique stores. 12274284_1061245453918055_7392273000898420679_n

2.) Move over World of Warcraft, Science Olympiad is stepping up their game, and UW-Stout game design students are helping. UW-Stout has one of the best game design programs in the country, and is making a game titled, “Game On!,” in which the competitors will need to solve a problem, then fix it by programs in the game.12417648_10154600271539741_6805162893265254030_n

3.) All of the judges for the Science Olympiad National Tournament bridge event are from the beautiful state of Wisconsin. These Wisconsinites travel to a different state every year in order to judge and provide feedback to participating teams on how to better their design for the event.

4.) School’s out for the summer! This year many UW-Stout students wondered why the spring semester ends the first week of May, which is relatively early compared to past years. The early summer release is because of the lengthy prep time to turn over the dining hall and dorm buildings in preparation for the tournament. dsc000011

5.) The opening and closing ceremonies will feature outfits created by University of Wisconsin-Stout apparel design students. Judy J Hopp, an Associate Professor of Science and the emcee of the Science Olympiad, will wear two outfits created by a group of apparel students. Hopp’s wish for the outfits is for them to portray both the feminine side of science, and the strength of a woman scientist. The production for the dresses started in September and will feature LED lights and sensors with coding, as well as a mermaid fabric that changes when exposed to light and touch.

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