5 Apps Every College Student Should Have

rachel-editWith the clutter and chaos of college and staying on track, I thought I’d compile the top five apps you should get right now so that you can stay organized, informed, and ready to tackle anything.

Official University Student App

Not only should you have this app because you attend UW-Stout, but because it also allows you to know what’s going on around campus. For example, the app tells you when your laundry is done, when the bus is arriving, what’s on the menu at the commons, and it even allows you to check your various accounts linked to the campus. The UW-Stout app is available for Apple and Android users.


Planner Pro

If you need help staying organized with classes, work, and all the extra activities you par-take in, then this is the app for you. This app allows you to keep track of everything going on in your life. The app connects to most devices and can alert you about activities if you so choose. Planner Pro is by far one of the best planner apps out there available for both Apple and Android users! This app is also free, which makes it even better.


Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is a great app to help you study and retain class material! It works like this: the app has you study for 25 minutes straight then take a 5 minute break and after doing this four times you get to have a 30 minute break. This type of studying has been shown to actually work! This app, just like the others, is completely free! It is available for Apple users, while ClearFocus is the alternative app for Android users.


College is stressful enough as is, so you might as well have an app that helps you lessen the stress. This app allows you to listen to different music from different situations. Some of which can help you feel more motivated, less stressed, or even concentrate better. It is available for Apple and Android users.



Groupon is a great app to get you and your friends out doing fun activities around the area! Not only is the app free but also Groupon gives you great deals on all types of stuff, which means you SAVE money. For any college student this is essential since going out and having fun is something everyone does but how about you do it while saving money! Groupon is available for Apple and Android users.


I hope you find these handy apps to be helpful during your life on campus!

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