Spooky Halloween Survey

Over 100 UW–Stout students were surveyed to see what their plans and thoughts were for this year’s Halloween holiday.

Here are the results…thumbnail_graph-1

What is your costume this year?

Need an idea? Well, below should spark some inspiration!

  • Spice Girls with my roomies! We’re each a different spice, like cinnamon, curry, and paprika… punny, right? 😉
  • I wanted it to be the Other Mother from Coraline
  • Broke College Student
  • Same as last year: ghost
  • Ambiguous Green Gentleman
  • I’ll go as myself… Pretty scary, right?
  • Penguin

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Below are the top four Halloween treats selected and the number of students who chose this chocolate treat! If I may say so myself, Reese’s is delicious.

  • Reese’s-21
  • Twix-12
  • Kit Kat-9
  • Milkyway-6

What is your favorite scary movie?

  • Hocus Pocus-12
  • The Conjuring-6
  • The Ring-3
  • Scream-3

However, 17 students answered that they were not a fan of scary movies. I get it, I will never watch The Exorcist again…



Four brave students answered that they would rather be chased by a clown. They deserve a pat on the back.thumbnail_graph-4

For those who don’t know what the black-flamed candle is, I would suggest watching Hocus Pocus.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, Stouties!


A Selfie Stick and A Tower

shannon-blog-tagIf you have ever explored the perimeters of the UW-Stout campus, then you have probably stumbled upon 50 foot structures of climbing and rope obstacles. That towering, wooden monstrosity is the UW-Stout Challenge Course.

The course offers a variety of difficulty levels, but all are designed to push the limits of teams and individuals through cooperation, self-confidence and achievement.

Climbing to New Heights

The Alpine Tower, Giant Swing, Leap of Faith and Carolina Wall are the four high course obstacles that reach leg-shaking heights.


Yes, I carried up a selfie stick just to show you how amazing conquering the Alpine Tower can be. The view was beautiful!

Maintained by University Recreation’s Stout Adventures, the course is a fun, challenging and unique element of UW-Stout campus. Mastering each of the four high course structures is both riveting and adrenaline-pumping.

If you are an organization, group, or team, the Challenge Course is a great place to build relationships with your members.

For more information on pricing and options, contact University Recreation: Sareservations@uwstout.edu or visit http://www.uwstout.edu/urec/adventures/challenge.cfm

See you next time, Stout!

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Take2 – Oct. 15-20


Our shout-out goes to Chi Lambda and Delta Zeta for having the best float in the entire homecoming parade. Great job, Blue Devils.

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So You’re Sick

Take2 blog name Max.jpgStarting your first year of college is a fun and exciting experience. All the activities that the campus has, exploring your new home, meeting new people, and many other adventures that await.

But one of those experiences is probably getting sick.

My first week of college went by faster than I could have imagined. I met so many new people that I’ll have great times with every day, but I started to notice something after a while.

First, there would be one day one of my friends had the sniffles, then another day another friend would be sneezing. Next thing I knew, I woke up one morning to find that I could not breath through my nose. Looks like a have a case of the flu and so does most people I interact with. It’s not a fun experience I’ll tell you that.

Surprisingly, my roommate has not been affected by my constant coughing and sneezing and I’m glad he is not in my position. Luckily I did not have to deal with this for as long as some other people. I wanted to be on top of getting this bug out of my system so I took the necessary steps to achieve this.

  • I made sure I drank as much water every day to stay hydrated and flush it out of my system.


  • Stayed on top of blowing my nose every time I needed to. Even in class if I had to be that guy, I was at least helping my body.


  • I washed my hands more frequently.
  • I consumed more Ramen than soup but it definitely helps
  • And I sanitized everything in my dorm room just to make sure it wouldn’t linger on.


I’m not a fan of having to suffer through this cold so I would hope everyone takes the same precautions as I did. Now I’m back on the healthy train ready to roll and not have to be that obnoxious guy in class that sniffles every twenty seconds.

Last thing – get your flu shot! You’re not only keeping yourself healthy, you’re also keeping us all from catching your nastiness! Stop by Student Health Services on north campus, or call the clinic to make an appointment. It only costs $15 for a vaccination and it could save you from feeling horrible during mid-terms.

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