Spooky Halloween Survey

Over 100 UW–Stout students were surveyed to see what their plans and thoughts were for this year’s Halloween holiday. Here are the results… What is your costume this year? Need an idea? Well, below should spark some inspiration! Spice Girls with my roomies! We're each a different spice, like cinnamon, curry, and paprika... punny, right? [...]


A Selfie Stick and A Tower

If you have ever explored the perimeters of the UW-Stout campus, then you have probably stumbled upon 50 foot structures of climbing and rope obstacles. That towering, wooden monstrosity is the UW-Stout Challenge Course. The course offers a variety of difficulty levels, but all are designed to push the limits of teams and individuals through cooperation, self-confidence and achievement. [...]

So You’re Sick

Starting your first year of college is a fun and exciting experience. All the activities that the campus has, exploring your new home, meeting new people, and many other adventures that await. But one of those experiences is probably getting sick. My first week of college went by faster than I could have imagined. I [...]