Homecoming: Taking the Field

shannon-blog-tagThis marks the 125th year of homecoming here at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and with homecoming comes live music, activities, competitions and let’s not forget, the big game. Yes, the week of Oct. 3 through Oct. 8 builds to the UW-Stout versus UW-Lacrosse showdown.

This is the biggest game of the year; a time for the team to represent our Stout Proud campus. Travis Shackleton, UW-Stout junior in the construction program, is one of the many football members anticipating Saturday’s game. He is also one of my old high school classmates.


“The atmosphere is just different compared to a normal game,” said Travis.

During the homecoming game, students, faculty and community members charge the stands. Hundreds of eyes are now on our UW-Stout football jerseys. The intensity and presence of our crowd is what influences the atmosphere.

Not to mention the familiar faces in the crowd, ones in which Travis is excited to see. He is an old high school classmate from Baldwin, Wisconsin, a town not too far from Menomonie. Having said that, his high school head and position coaches are expected to make an appearance at the game.

Football is one of homecomings “pastimes”. It is an event that pulls out our color and spirit. According to Travis, this is exactly what the the team needs to “get the snowball rolling.”

Travis, number 92 and nose on the defense line, has experienced playing in a homecoming game for his high school team. However, he has yet to expose himself to the full experience of college homecoming.

This game and week are hyped with Blue Devil spirit, but Travis and his teammates are trying to stay focused in preparation for the field.

“[Before each game] I just kind of keep to myself and listen to music,” added Travis.


Focus and motivation is what our team needs. We are Blue Devils and our team has worked hard to hold that name high.

Good luck, Blue Devils!

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